10 Hidden Video Game Features EVERYONE Missed

It’s a magical moment when you happen upon something in a video game that isn’t common knowledge. When you locate a secret room, discover a hidden feature, or figure out how to skip an entire section, it blows your mind.

Because we live in a world where we can look up guides and YouTube walkthroughs with the press of a button, you would assume modern titles wouldn’t have the same level of mystique. Every time a new title comes out, it feels like every secret and cheat can be found online five minutes later.

But there are some games with secrets that alluded us for years. Duck Hunt has a hidden detail that most people didn’t find for decades.

Elden Ring is the most talked about game of the year and people are STILL discovering new features almost daily. Batman: Arkham Asylum has a room so well-hidden, no one would’ve found it if the developers didn’t tell us.

Even if you’ve played these games religiously since childhood, there are a couple of features that definitely escaped your attention.

Because Elden Ring was directed by the same guy behind the Soul series, Hidetaka Miyazaki, everyone knew it was going to be mind-bogglingly hard. And yet, this masterful action role player was more difficult than we could’ve possibly imagined.

Since Elden Ring follows similar mechanics to Dark Souls, many players assumed they could use the same tricks to defeat enemies. In the Soul titles, you could insta-kill bosses by leaping above them and plunging your sword into their skull. Sadly, gamers quickly realised this trick doesn’t work in Elden Ring, forcing them to beat bosses the old fashioned way.

But contrary to what many believe, the classic Plunge Attack is in the game!

Because it only works on certain enemies and the mechanics on how to perform it are different to Dark Souls, most players never noticed. By jumping on top of specific baddies, such as the Flame Chariot, you can kill them in one go if you press R1 just before hitting their head

The attack may not be universally effective but it’s massively helpful if you’re struggling with certain bosses.

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