12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4

Sometimes, if you want to share some gaming time with the people closest to you, join us for the best co-op games on PS5 and PS4.

We’re focusing on the newer console, as we already shared a list of the best split-screen games for the past generation. However, Sony’s list of games only available for PS5 is limited. 

See, the PS5 doesn’t have the greatest game rooster. It seems there’re not enough reasons to jump from one console to another, and by reasons, I mean games. 

Yet, there’s retro-compatibility. Playing older games on the newer console comes with boosts to graphics and loading times. So, we’re adding backward compatible PS4 and native PS5 games offering local or online co-op multiplayer.

Selecting The Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4

We’re looking for the best games on PS5 that allow you to play with your friends and family, not against them.

That means finding co-op campaigns, story modes, challenges, or competitions. Some of the best games of its kind offer enthralling stories that require two people, and two characters, to work together.

However, that’s a rare case. In truth, Co-op games thrive on the idea that things are better in the company. These multiplayer experiences barely have a plot, relying on creative settings instead.

Also, both local and online co-op can be part of the list. Both can be just as entertaining, provided you have a good internet connection.

Lastly, we’ll make a varied list to suit various preferences. The games we’re picking made huge noise with the fans, and they offer the type of fun that can last for years.

In other words, we’re picking the co-op games people are still playing and enjoying.

Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4

It Takes Two

GamerCityNews it-takes-two 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Hazelight Studios
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release Date: March 2021
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 

It Takes Two checks our most special box. It’s a co-op game with an enthralling story that requires two people. In fact, you can’t play it alone. Yet, buying a single copy allows you to invite another player, even if the other person doesn’t own the game.

Still, you can enjoy it as a local co-op, online co-op with a friend, or online via matchmaking. The gameplay follows an action-adventure formula, a 12-hour story with nine dynamic chapters. That means the puzzles, enemies, skills, and settings constantly evolve and change. 

So, it would help if you played together to bypass the different obstacles of the 3D puzzle/platformer. This key mechanic comes together with the story; one can’t work without the other. You play as a broken marriage, Cody and May, and cooperation during the darkest moments can lead to survival.

Plot-wise, Cody and May are victims of a mysterious spell. They transform into dolls, and returning to their bodies might mean healing their marriage. It also includes elements like evil washing machines, thug rats, and rideable frogs. Most importantly, it includes a story that feels like a playable animated movie.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

GamerCityNews sackboy-a-big-adventure 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Sumo Digital
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 2020
  • Platform: PS4, PS5

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a 2.5D platformer-adventure game. It’s available as a single-player game, but you can play the entire campaign with up to four players, either locally or co-op.

The PlayStation exclusive is a spin-off from LittleBigPlanet. The new formula offers 90 levels with varied mechanics and challenges. For example, the game often changes the perspective from 2.5D and 3D and offers a multitude of platforming puzzles. 

Also, many obstacles require teamwork to bypass. Moreover, all levels have a collectible currency you need to find, often in hidden places, to progress to the end of the story.

As for gameplay, the characters can run, rum, roll, nosedive, flutter, jump, slap, fire beams, and much more. You can chain skills together, create combos and travel greater distances. Additionally, you can interact with objects to open further options. 

Borderlands 3

GamerCityNews borderlands-3 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Gearbox Software
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Release Date: September 2019
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows, Google Stadia, Apple macOS 

The Borderlands saga stands at the top of the co-op looter shooter genre. The original game demonstrated how fun it can be to explode monsters for weapons and gear.

The third main entry is not as strong as prior installments regarding the story and villains. However, the scope is much bigger in every sense. There’re more weapons, enemies, scenarios, and a central hub -a ship- where you can select the next planet to visit.

You play as Vault Hunter, which comes in various classes you can pick. Each features an active skill plus three unique skill trees. You play in the first person, shoot across semi-open levels, collect millions of loot, level up, and customize your skills.

The best part is doing it with another player, though. The game encourages you to play together by increasing the challenge and the reward. Borderlands 3 has a local co-op (2 players) and an online co-op (4 players). 

Overcooked! 2

GamerCityNews overcooked-2 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Team17, Ghost Town Games
  • Publisher: Team17
  • Release Date: August 2018
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia 

Overcooked! 2 is on the other end of the spectrum. The story is just as good as an excuse to open up the game mechanics and its co-op nature. So, rather than an adventure, Overcooked is a challenge.

This is a cooking simulator game, and it plays out in co-op with teams of four players. That may happen locally or online. Then, you go on a series of increasingly creative missions, and the goal is to satisfy the needs of your customers.

The players must coordinate kitchen tasks. Chopping, cooking, combining ingredients, serving, and washing the dishes are all part of the behind-the-counter. But the game will overwhelm you with orders and game-changing mechanics.

In particular, each level has its theme, and obstacles come with it. That includes portals, lava, moving walkways, fires, and more. And if that’s not enough, you can play against other teams in 2v2 competitions. 

Dead By Daylight

GamerCityNews dead-by-daylight 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Behaviour Interactive
  • Publisher: Behaviour Interactive
  • Release Date: June 2016
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, iOS 

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror multiplayer game. “Asymmetric” means the two teams have a different amount of players and mechanics. See, these are 1v4 matches: one killer versus four survivors.

The killer, a Jason Vorhees of sorts, pursues four survivors on open-world maps. The killer is slow, bulky, and deadly. He has tracking abilities and can defeat survivors with several melee attacks. However, he can’t jump, hide or run. 

Survivors are nimble and fast but weak. They can hide, run, sneak, jump, and interact with different objects. Most importantly, they can work together to trap the killer, escape, and make survival plans.

Lastly, you level up your survivors and killers as you play, enabling you to unlock perks and skills. And because maps are procedurally generated, no match will feel like the last one. 

A Way Out

GamerCityNews a-way-out 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Hazelight Studios
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release Date: March 2018
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

A Way Out is It Takes Two’s predecessor. It’s a co-op action-adventure game by the same creators. As you’d expect, it doesn’t have a single player; you can play locally, online with a friend, or via online matchmaking. 

The plot follows Vincent and Leo, prisoners after committing minor crimes. You, alongside another player, pick one of these two and join a split-screen action-adventure. However, the two characters won’t be together at all times. Often, they needed to do different things simultaneously.

The title’s beauty is how it evolves and intertwines mechanics and stories. The game starts slow, as one character may gather information while the other distracts the guards. 

But then, the evolution of the story leads to car chases, shootouts, and similar. The story is linear, but the roles are not fixed. Leo and Vincent can swap their tasks at any time. More importantly, like It Takes Two, two players can join with a single copy. 

Deep Rock Galactic

GamerCityNews deep-rock-galactic-1 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Ghost Ship Games
  • Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Release Date: Feburary 2018
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op sci-fi shooter game where you play as dwarfs. Dwarfs, as you know, dig too fast and too deep. This time around, they are digging on space rocks.

So, you choose one of the available dwarf classes, join co-op missions with up to four players, and explore procedurally generated caves. You can dig anywhere and never know where the roads lead.

Moreover, while skills are not as great as you’d like, combat feels incredibly fun as part of a team. The different class skills mix together to create frantic and creative combat segments. Your enemies are various insectoids: they swarm fast and resist much damage.

As for the missions, it’s about digging for resources and defeating enemies. As a reward, you level up to gain perks and resources to improve your gear. It’s an easy and familiar loop, and we hope the developers keep adding more content to the formula. 

Unravel Two

GamerCityNews unravel-two 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Coldwood Interactive
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release Date: June 2018
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows

Unravel Two is a 2D puzzle-platformer game. You can play it alone or play the entire campaign with another player. It’s local co-op only, though; there’s no multiplayer. 

If you play alone, though, an NPC character will follow, and you can swap in-between characters. Often, you need cooperation between the two “Yarnys” to bypass obstacles.

That’s not the best part, though. We choose the game for its captivating story. It’s something you’ll see through the environment, the music, and the action – there’s no dialogue. But you may know the plot is about healing the land on a journey back home. 

Each player can control a Yarny, or you would control the two individually. They work together to manipulate items in the world, solve puzzles, and advance through an island. Each level grows increasingly challenging and creative. 

Payday 2

GamerCityNews payday-2 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Overkill Software
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Release Date: August 2013
  • Platform: PS3, PS4, PS5, Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch  

Payday 2 is a co-op first-person shooter and a sequel to Payday: The Heist (2011). As the name suggests, it’s about criminal activities: heists, robberies, kidnappings, and similar.

You play as a customizable criminal, a member of a gang. You select increasingly bigger heists and go in alone or as part of a 4-player team through an in-game system.

These heists reward money and XP. So, you level up and develop skills in multiple branches and constantly improve your gear. The gigs are difficult, so you need careful planning, stealth, teamwork, and strategy.

Or, there’s always the opportunity to go guns-blazing. The game’s action is smooth and fun. Guns have minor recoils, and the arsenal is wide enough to work through weapon progression.

Elden Ring

GamerCityNews elden-ring 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Release Date: February 2022
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 

Elden Ring is an open-world action RPG by Dark Souls creators. You control a customizable character on a quest to restore the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord.

We added Elden Ring lower on the list not because of its quality but because of its limited co-op. It doesn’t offer a straight-up option to play the campaign with other people. 

Instead, you use an item to “summon” other players to your game at any moment. You can’t use the item at all times; the other player must agree to join as they are playing their campaign. The result is a drop-in/drop-out co-op that makes some of the most challenging Elden Ring bosses a tad easier.

As for gameplay, Elden Ring features souls-like combat and heavy RPG customization. You roll, block, dodge, slash, and use ranged magic and skills. Then, you explore a massive world free of markers and instructions. 

Dying Light 2

GamerCityNews dying-light-2 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: Techland
  • Publisher: Techland
  • Release Date: February 2022
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows, Nintendo Switch 

Dying Light 2 is a first-person survival horror game. It has an apocalyptic setting -zombies- which forces you to move, with parkour, across rooftops, and under the Sun.

You play as Aiden on a quest to find your long-lost sister. Your journey takes you in the middle of a conflict between two factions, zombies and bandits. Your decisions will determine who rises in power.

The gameplay is super. It has an open-world full of hidden collectibles, weapons, gadgets, and crafting resources. You level up, jump, kick, slash, fire bows, and more. Grinding alongside a friend is even better.

Sadly, the co-op is limited as well. First, you must complete the one-hour tutorial questline to unlock multiplayer. Then, the feature works as a drop-in/drop-out, where the visitor will join someone else’s campaign for loot and action. 

Human: Fall Flat

GamerCityNews human-fell-flat 12 Best Co-Op Games On PS5 And PS4
  • Developer: No Brake Games
  • Publisher: Curve Digital
  • Release Date: July 2016
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Windows, macOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle and platforming game. It revolves around ragdoll physics and big game engines that allow you to solve situations in many ways. It also has a level creator where you can fully experience its sandbox mechanics.

Because of its comprehensive systems, the replayability is massive. Better yet, you can play it locally with another person or online with up to eight people. The more people there are, the bigger the possibility of tampering with the environment and playing around with different solutions.

The gameplay is about customizing a Bob, a “human.” He doesn’t have superpowers but can grab and move objects, climb, and interact with many items. These are your tools to travel through the missions.

Bobo is a minimalist drawing, and so is the world. Even so, the game is open-ended and contains levels with many themes, solutions, and even hidden locations.

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