12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time

Marvel is one of the biggest franchises in the world. They produce recording-breaking movies with their amazing characters. After dominating the movies and series world with their characters, they are now making their way to the games.

Almost everyone around the globe loves Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with each year, the fanbase is increasing exponentially. With their interesting character and the stories, they are making the best game possible to provide the best gaming experience to the fans. 

In this article, I will list down the best Marvel games you can play right now. If you are unaware of the Marvel universe, then you can play these games for their amazon gameplay, enthralling stories, and amazing, funny characters.

Best Marvel Games

With the banging introduction of Spiderman 2018 from MCU, Marvel seems to be on the top of the gaming world. Previously, there were various underrated game titles that people had not played. Keeping that in mind, I have prepared a list of all the old and new games, including Marvel characters.


  • Developer: Insomniac Games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: September 2018
  • Platform: PlayStation 4,
    PlayStation 5,
    Microsoft Windows

Of course, I’m going to start my list with one of the best games of my childhood superhero. The swinging web head deserved to be on the list, and the game completely justifies it. 

Spider-man is one of the best games I have ever played on the console. The storytelling, the game mechanics, and web-swinging through the roof of Manhattan is a surreal experience for any Spiderman fan. And I want to vouch for the brilliant storytelling in this game, the way two facets of Spiderman were depicted in this game. 

Peter Parker, our protagonist, works for the company name Feast with his aunt May. You will get to see the story of Peter Parker quite often as he works with the Doctor octopus, and if you are a Spiderman fan, you know what will happen in this plot.

And the quirky humor gets you every time, and the little easter eggs you see around New York are amazing. I dont want to oversell this masterpiece; you just go and play this Spiderman game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

GamerCityNews marvels-spider-man-miles-morales 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Insomniac Games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 2020
  • Platform: PlayStation 4,
    PlayStation 5,
    Microsoft Windows

And there we go again; I’m recommending another awesome, enthralling, breathtaking, and awesome game to play from the Marvel franchise. And the amazing part is we are swinging into the multiverse with this rendition of Spiderman.

This is a story about Miles Morales, who is adjusting to his life as a Spiderman and is on a learning curve to be this superhero everyone adores. He is filling in for the great spiderman Peter parker as he is on vacation with MJ. Therefore, he is a savior of the Newyork city for two weeks.

And the most interesting thing about this Spiderman game is not the hero the world adores; you must become the hero. Furthermore, the game features one of the most exciting villains we come across in the game. They are fast, unforgiving, and sometimes cause hassle for us. 

Marvel’s SpidermanSpiderman miles Morales has one of the best game mechanics; the swinging element is awesome, the combat is awesome, and paired with a dual shock PS5 controller, I can tell you that you will have a blast playing this game.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

GamerCityNews Marvels-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Eidos-Montréal
  • Publisher: Square Enix Europe
  • Release Date: October 2021
  • Platform:
    Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Get into the body of Starload, the self-proclaimed best fighter in the universe, and explore this wonderful game. And in this journey, there are Draz, Groot, Raccoon, oh, sorry Rocket, and other side characters with their awkward and weird humor.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a single-player campaign where we play as the Peter Quil, who was abducted by the alien in the 1980s. The emotional depth this game adds to each character is profound and sometimes emotional, making it an immersive gaming experience.

And this may come as a surprise to you, but it is not connected to any of the Avengers stuff. This complete standalone story lets the player have one of the best gaming experiences. Furthermore, the game has exciting graphics, the best combat mechanics, and great humor that may give some chuckles along the journey.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who is into the Marvel comics, and if you are not into Marvel comics, this story of a bunch of funniest heroes will give one the best gaming experience.

Iron Man VR

GamerCityNews Iron-Man-VR-fianl 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Camouflaj
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: October 2020
  • Platform: PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR)

Get your VR headset on, talk to Jarvis and fly around the world in this amazing game. You get to be in the shoes of a charming, funny, titular superhero and venture into the virtual world of Iron Man.

The plot of this game is very fresh and enduring; the consequences of being the best superhero, the ego battles, and misdirected iron seems an interesting plot to explore. But in this game, you are not playing the game as Tony Stark, but rather you are playing this game as the mightiest Iron man.

The VR element is refreshing and won’t cause you nausea. The controller is fine, the movement is good, and the feeling you get while gliding through the air is amazing. 

I hope you will have a great time playing this amazing Marvel game.


GamerCityNews Deadpool 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: High Moon Studios, Mercenary Technology (PC)
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Release Date: June 25, 2013
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

A self-conscious anti-hero who is completely aware that he is a comic book character in the video game we are controlling is one of the most absurd video game premises to get into.  

The premise of this game is simple, so simple that Deadpool himself takes a dig at it. This game is a chill ride; you will have the best time playing this game. And, of course, the quickie and offensive humor charm the game. Furthermore, like move, this game makes fun of various game tropes, villains, and the Game Studios.

If I’m going to write about the character Deadpool, I will run out of adjectives and verbs. He is the utter opposite of what you imagine as a superhero. He is rude, funny, and sarcastic.

I highly suggest this game if you are into offensive jokes, funny metaphors, and some action-packed sequences

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

GamerCityNews LEGO-Marvels-Avengers 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Traveller’s Tales
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral Interactive (MacOS)
  • Release Date: October 2013
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Vita

You are always not too old for Lego games, especially if it is a Marvel game. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a Lego-themed action-adventure with all the Marvel heroes and their arch-nemesis.

As the game switches between scenes from The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the narration and plot are a little confusing.

The minimal graphics and the carton character designs give a refreshing look to the game. We are aware of the character and their abilities, but the game does not fail to surprise us. Furthermore, with some action-packed sequences and comedy, this game is wholesome entertainment for us. 

If you want a stress-free chill time playing the game, you can opt for the beautiful game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

GamerCityNews Marvel-Ultimate-Alliance 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Team Ninja
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release Date: July 2019
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch

This is one of the fun game to pick up; the game mechanics, the character study, and the gaming experience is very good. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a role-playing video game developed by Raven Software.

The plot of this game is very interesting, and you may probably find it interesting as well as you get to know the journey of the world’s darkest and most absurd villain Thanos. In this game, as the Avenger Infinity War, Thanos is searching for all the six infinity stones to be the ultimate and most powerful person in the world.

To make up your team of four, you can choose from more than 30 playable characters, and many more will drift in and out of the story as NPCs who fight alongside you or guide you to the next encounter.

I’m pretty sure will have a blast playing this amazing game. You will even understand various characters in the comic books also. I hope you will have a great time playing this game.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

GamerCityNews X-Men-Origins-Wolverine 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Raven Software
  • Publisher: Activision, Electronic Arts (mobile phone)
  • Release Date: May 2009
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a wonderful game with great action sequences, a great plot, and a rugged Wolverine. It is a superhero-themed action film game set in the X-Men universe. 

The game places you in control of the character Wolverine, who must help mutant Jean Grey stop the evil organization Weapon X and save the world from their clutches. This is one of the exciting plots, and I believe the game’s plot was way better than the movie’s.

The game mechanics are good, and the action sequence and the storytelling of this game are fresh and keep you on edge. Furthermore, this game does great justice to hack and slash action-adventure games and delivers one of the best gaming experiences.

Hey, Marvel fan, you must play this game since you may never have come across this amazing wolverine story. 

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

GamerCityNews Marvel-Puzzle-Quest-Dark-Reign-final 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Demiurge Studios, WayForward Technologies (HD port)
  • Publisher: D3 Publisher
  • Release Date: October 2013
  • Platform:iOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Kindle

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is a fantastic game based on the Marvel Universe. Marvel Super Heroes lets you collect, train, and battle a wide range of Marvel superheroes. It is one of the best Marvel games available for Android, and it is fun and exciting. This game can be played with friends, family, or anyone you like.

This is a turn-based RPG game set in the Marvel universe. The game will come out later this year on iOS and Android. This game has to be the best game among Marvel fans.

If you enjoy puzzle games and want to play as your favorite Marvel characters, this game is for you. The gameplay is very addictive, with stunning graphics. It is impossible to put down once you start playing.

Marvel’s Avengers

GamerCityNews Marvels-Avengers 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Crystal Dynamics
  • Publisher: Square Enix Europe
  • Release Date: September 2020
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Avengers assemble to fight it out in the dystopian world. This game literally gives goosebumps to the core Marvel fan, the way story is structured, and the gameplay is enhanced, giving one of the best gaming experiences.

The game comes into motion on an “A-day,” where there are the greatest celebrations of the earth’s strongest hero. During the celebration, there was a terrorist attack on the golden bridge. Our hero comes to the rescue and saves the day, but in doing so, the Helicarrier blasts, sweeping the San Francisco city and giving various human superpowers.

The premise of this game is refreshing and a treat for the Marvel fan. As Kamala Khanm, you can control all the heroes like Iron man and Hulk.

Spiderman (2000)

GamerCityNews Spiderman-2000 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Neversoft
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Release Date: September 2000
  • Platforms: PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows, MacOS

Talking about this game gives me so much nostalgia for the old times. I have fallen in love with the Spider man character since then. The web-swinging superhero was the best thing about this game.

This game puts you in the dark period of peter parker’s life. In this game, Spider-Man is framed by Doctor Octopus, so everyone surrounding him doubts him and his good intention. Furthermore, You have to fight with various Spiderman villains that we see in the comic, and the constant trouble from NYPD makes it difficult for us.

Spiderman(2000) is one of the best games I have ever played and holds up as a good game after 20 years. You will immerse into this web-swinging science nerd world and have a wonderful time playing this game. 

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

GamerCityNews Spider-Man-Shattered-Dimensions 12 Best Marvel Games Of All Time
  • Developer: Beenox, Griptonite Games (DS)
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Release Date: September 2010
  • Platform:
    Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Are you tired of one Spiderman swinging his web across the cities? Then worry not, Marvel will give you a better taste. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions has four different SpidermanSpiderman Swing around in this game.

This is one of the best action-adventure games to play. The four Spiderman in this game has different attributes and fighting styles. Furthermore, the game mechanics and story keep us guessing till the end. And if you think you have seen everything about Spiderman, then, unfortunately, I have to tell you that you have not. 

You must venture into various plots, solve the puzzles and fight the vexed villains to get to the game’s main boss. Here, you must hunt down the villain to get the tablet piece to move the plot further.

I don’t want to spoil the game, but this game has a uniques presentation of various characters we know of. Due to the different dimension shenanigans, you will get to see the various characters in completely different forms.

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