12 Essential Podcasts for Gamers

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On Imaginary Worlds, host Eric Molinsky uses research, interviews, and narrative storytelling to open our eyes to the nuances and textures of science fiction and fantasy. (Think: NPR meets ComicCon.) With gorgeous production and engineering, Eric gives a nearly academic look at the politics, history, and significance of books, movies, TV, and games, and spends time diving into more in-depth topics like how race, gender, disability, and marginalized voices are represented in speculative fiction.

This isn’t a gaming review podcast, it’s a people podcast that will make you think about the humanity of sci-fi. This show runs the gamut from automatons, to Camelot, to Marvel, to LARPing, to solarpunk queer representation in children’s cartoons, and the archive is packed with gaming episodes that have a twist you won’t find anywhere else. Eric enlights us on problematic about classic tabletop RPG, the strange history of the revolutionary game Disco Elysium, and how character customization in gaming has made a video games better for transgender players.

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