2 Nintendo Switch Exclusives Drop to Lowest Prices Ever

Nintendo’s exclusives on the Nintendo Switch are the driving factor for people who want the console second only to the mobile aspect of the Switch, but considering how long Nintendo keeps its games at full price via the Nintendo eShop, it’s not always easy to find them on sale. It does work out sometimes, however, in instances like the sale that’s currently going on through a number of different retailers that’s dropped two different games to their lowest prices they’ve ever reached.

Those two Nintendo Switch exclusives are Mario Golf: Super Rush and WarioWare: Get It Together! The first is the Switch’s evolution of the Mario Golf series first kicked off by the Nintendo 64’s Mario Golf while the new WarioWare game continues to expand on the zany collection of minigames available in Wario’s own series. You can find information on each, a link to our respective reviews for the games, and the discounted prices detailed below:

Mario Golf: Super Rush

  • “Hit the green with up to four players locally or online and golf with friends from the Super Mario series like Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and more! Modes range from Standard Golf to the energetic Speed Golf and an exciting Golf Adventure. Simple motion or button controls make it easy for both new players and seasoned pros to drive and putt.”
  • Our review
  • Amazon (Digital and Physical): $39.99

WarioWare: Get It Together!

  • “Take on over 200 quick and quirky microgames—lightning-fast minigames filled with frantic fun—solo or with a friend! When his latest harebrained business scheme goes awry, Wario must use his signature style (and smell) to fix it. How? By playing a twisted collection microgames of course! From assembling a robot to pulling out a statue’s armpit hair, the WarioWare: Get It Together! game is a comedic, cooperative microgame mashup.”
  • Our review
  • Amazon (Digital and Physical): $39.99

The physical versions of the Mario Golf game and the WarioWare game are discounted through the Nintendo eShop, too, but the digital versions are not. Deal tracker Deku Deals notes that these are the lowest prices the games have ever dropped to, so if you’ve been holding off on them, be sure to take advantage of the sale while you can before the prices return to normal.

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