20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

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When it comes to driving, and especially to racing, there are all kinds of ways you can go in terms of what you drive on. Cement, gravel roads, and of course, off-roading. The latter is beloved by those who want a more “extreme” way to drive, and if you have an Xbox One, you have plenty of options.

#20 Grand Theft Auto V

GamerCityNews GTA-V-Off-road 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

Ok, the good news with this entry is that we can very much tell you that GTA 6 is in the works, so that’s a really good thing for fans. The bad news is that we really don’t know when it could come out…so…Grand Theft Auto V it is!

In this incredibly deep best-selling titles, you’ll be able to take on the roles of three different men in order to try and get rich…or die trying. Someone should make a song called that…

Anyway, GTA in its last three main games have done their best to really open up the world to you, and GTA V does it the best by giving you plenty of options to drive, fly, and drive boats around the massive world. You can customize your vehicles and take them all over the city or in the case of this list, off the main roads and into the rough terrains.

#19 MX Vs ATV All Out

GamerCityNews MX-vs-ATV-All-Out-screenshot 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

The MX Vs ATV series will appear twice on this list, and here’s the first entry on that front. In the game you’ll get to pick between three classes of vehicle (MX, ATV and UTVs) and then go on a journey to become the best rider around. That may SOUND simple, but when you have open world full of other players and AI controlled rides? You’re going to need some practice to match up.

And sure enough, you’ll have your own compound to improve, then head to the open-world and start racing in a variety of modes. What are you waiting for? Hop on and drive!

#18 Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

GamerCityNews Monster-Jam-Steel-Titans-2-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 continues the line of video games based on the monster truck events that you likely are familiar with. Here though, you’ll get to turn those monster trucks loose in some of the most satisfying of ways!

You’ll be able to roam around a handful of worlds with 38 different Monster Jam rides for you to choose from. You’ll be able to get big air, do some big tricks, and of course, destroy a lot of things with your mechanical epicness.

So if you’re a fan of monster trucks, you’ll definitely want to get this game.

#17 MX Vs ATV Reflex

GamerCityNews MX-vs-ATV-Reflex-screenshot-1 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

While MX Vs ATV Reflex might be over a decade old, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy this title. Because once again you’ll be able to pick and choose from a variety of rides and then take them out “for a spin” as you learn to drive them, do tricks with them, and more.

The game went far when it first came out in order to ensure that every time you do a lap around the track, the track will change its overall look and feel.

Add that to trick modes where you can go for the most stylistic tricks around? And yeah, you’ll have fun in MX Vs ATV Reflex.

#16 Dakar 18

GamerCityNews Dakar-18-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

Dakar 18 is a bit different from the other games you’re going to see on this list. Mainly because the point of Dakar 18 is to take part in the largest cross-country race in the entire world as you journey across multiple parts of South America.

You’ll have a large variety of vehicles to choose from in order to complete the race. You’ll be going across Peru, Bolivia and Argentina with more than 12,000km2 of open world, that means you’ll have multiple ways to get to the various checkpoints and of course, the finish line.

So if you think you can handle a race like this? Get the game and prove yourself!

#15 Overpass

GamerCityNews Overpass-screenshot-1 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

As we noted in the intro, there are a LOT of different kinds of racing games out there, and that’s because there are so many different kinds of racing, not the least of which are the buggy races that put you in contact with some of the toughest terrain on Earth.

Overpass is a title that absolutely showcases the dangers and challenges of this kind of racing. Because here, speed is NOT the name of the game, it’s about using your vehicles abilities to the fullest in order to ensure that you get over obstacles.

If you take them head on you’ll likely fail. But if you hold on and get over it? Then you’re one step closer to victory!

#14 Art of Rally

GamerCityNews art-of-rally-2-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

Rally Car racing is one we’ll be talking about multiple times on this list, but in truth, none of those titles are as colorful and unique as Art of Rally.

Because in this game, you’ll go and rally car race around various locations that honestly have a water color style to it to help the game stand out. You’ll also be racing from the top-down perspective so you’ll have even more to look at as you drive.

You’ll be able to race against friends, try and ascend the leaderboard, and if that’s not enough, there are daily and weekly challenges that you can take part in.

#13 Gravel

GamerCityNews Gravel-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

Gravel makes a bold claim that this title is the most extreme racing game and the “ultimate off-road experience” out there. And to be fair, they do have a lot of things going for them in that department.

Such as how you’ll be able to go to some of the most rugged and treacherous terrain in the world to go and race. All while being part of a TV show! Did we not mention that before?

You’ll have different skillsets that you can go and do to increase your driving skills. Which you’ll need given how some of the tracks are laid out.

You’ll have the ability to race in stadiums too, but you’re here for the off-road thrills and this game has that.

#12 V-Rally 4

GamerCityNews V-Rally-4-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

The latest in the V-Rally line, you’ll get to experience the art and fun of rally car racing as you drive across very intense obstacles in order to come out on top. This will not be an easy game to win, you must be in tune with your car and understand the terrain of the racetracks that you’re going on. All it takes is one mistake and you can lose the race.

You’ll have plenty of variety in this title as well, as you’ll have over 50 different kinds of cars to go and pick from and race with. So find the one that works for you, then slowly improve it and yourself as a driver in order to win.

#11 MudRunner

GamerCityNews Spintires-MudRunner-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

Do you remember Snowrunner from the beginning of our list? Well, meet its brother, MudRunner. In this game, you will once again take the reins of a workman-style vehicle, but this time around, you won’t have to worry about the ice and snow, you’ll just have to worry about almost everything else.

In order to deliver your packages, you’ll need to go through wild and untamed terrain that will be fighting you all over. And it’s not just mud you have to worry about, you’ll have to deal with thick trees, raging rivers you need to cross without a bridge, and more.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, right?

#10 Wreckfest

GamerCityNews wreckfest-1-1024x560 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

Sometimes…you just want to crash into things. Even Mario Kart causes crashes, but those are frankly more docile than anything you’re going to witness in Wreckfest.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Wreckfest is a racing game and you’ll have plenty of races to go and do. But the catch is that in Wreckfest…crashes are not just legal, they’re encouraged. So you’ll have to be very careful about your ride as you play it.

What’s more, the crashes in this game are beautiful from a visual and scientific perspective. They even brought in a game from a series we’ll talk about later to make sure everything works.

#9 Dirt Rally 2.0

GamerCityNews Dirt-Rally-1024x628 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

While we’ve talked about rally car racing before, you never really got to hear why this is one of the most dangerous racing types around, and how Dirt Rally 2.0 fits into it.

In the game, you’ll get to take part in some of the most epic rally locations in the world. Which means you’ll feel the full intensity in this first-person view of the race tracks. In Rally Car, one move can put you off the road, so you’ll need to be mindful of every twist and turn the course takes.

Everything in this game has been tuned to be the best, so jump in and drive!

#8 Dirt 5

GamerCityNews Dirt5_Inline1-1024x614 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

If you want to take off-road racing to an even bigger level than we’ve already shown you, then Dirt 5 might just be the option for you. In this title, you’ll be pushing a wide variety of vehicles against a menagerie of elements and terrains.

We’re not just talking mud and water, we’re talking snow and ice, sand and gravel, and on it goes!

You’ll get to explore 60 different locations in the world, and go through alternate routes at times to ensure that you have seen everything, and Dirt 5 absolutely makes it worth seeing. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to go and wreck some dirt?

#7 FlatOut Series

GamerCityNews FlatOut-4-Total-Insanity-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

The FlatOut Series is known for a few different things, but one of the best of them is by far the fact that they have had some of the most beautiful crashes in gaming history. No, really, while you are going to be able to race through this game (literally), you’ll also want to smash into other drivers and wreck their rides before they go and wreck yours.

You’ll have a wide variety of cars to go and be in for the FlatOut Series, and when things crash…it really is a spectacle. We wouldn’t have certain racing IP without FlatOut, so do be grateful for it, ok?

#6 Forza Horizon 5

GamerCityNews forza-horizon-5-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

We’ll have two of these games on the list, but we’ll through you a bit of a curve by showing you the most recent one first.

The Forza Horizon series is known for many things, not the least of which is their assortment of cars and how incredible they look and feel. But obviously, since this is the Horizon side of Forza, you need to have a massive world to drive in.

This time around, you’ll be going to Mexico, with parts of it faithfully recreated so you could have a truly great driving experience.

So if you want a great looking off-road title? Here you go!

#5 Riders Republic

GamerCityNews Riders-Republic-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

When it comes to video games, there are some things that are basically absolutes, and one of those is the fact that when you have a chance to play a video game with a friend…you should do so. And if there is an online community available that you can play with to have an even more enjoyable experience…you should do that too.

Riders Republic was a title that was made by Ubisoft for just that purpose. Because in this wild off-road title you’ll be able to play with up to 50 players total and do all sorts of crazy races and events.

You can race all your friends, or team up to do intense battles with rival squads. So, ready to join the Republic?

#4 The Crew 2

GamerCityNews crew2-1024x512 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

Open-world racing games are hardly new, but with The Crew 2, you will be able to go and take on that open world in various ways. Because in “Motornation”, you’ll have full access to all the environments around you. Including being able to take to the skies or the waters in order to fully explore things.

As if that’s not enough, your friends and jump in to play with you and then leave whenever they want. You can also join some key teams in order to experience what it’s like to be a professional driver.

There’s a lot to do in The Crew 2, so why not give it a shot?

#3 Mad Max

GamerCityNews Mad-Max-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

If you’re a fan of old school movies, then you definitely have heard of Mad Max, the eternal wanderer of the wasteland of the world.

But now, you get to be Mad Max in his own video game, and it’s a very intense one at that. Because in this game, the whole world of the title is yours to drive through and explore as you look for a mythical location where you can finally rest.

But to make it there, you’ll need your car in the best state possible. Vehicular warfare is going to happen a lot in this desert land, so make sure you can take on all foes and make them regret the day they met Max.

#2 SnowRunner

GamerCityNews Snowrunner-Key-Art-Gaming-Cypher-1024x576 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

In SnowRunner, you’re not racing down some frozen roads in an attempt for glory. Oh no, in SnowRunner, you’re driving down some of the most rugged and dangerous tracks in the world in order to do your job: transporting materials.

That may not sound like the funnest game ever, but you’ll find yourself wanting to get to your destination faster in order to get your next job. You can also customize your truck as you get more money to make sure it can handle the tougher roads of the game.

So give SnowRunner a chance and you might be surprised what happens next.

#1 Forza Horizon 4

GamerCityNews ForzaHorizon4_HERO-hero 20 Best Xbox One Off Road Video Games of All Time

We’ve shown you some real bangers on this list, but with Forza Horizon 4, things just get taken to a new level. The game was released last year, and it’s gotten praise for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the “realism” presented in the game via its graphics and how the gameplay feels.

But what you’re really after here is the off-roading take, right? Well, that’s where things get really incredible. Because they did their best to recreate Great Britain so that you could drive through it at your own whim, and then be able to go and race and have fun.

It’s a beautiful experience, and thus, it’s our No.1 game on this list.

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