343 Says It’s Working On A Fix For Halo Infinite Weapon ‘Jamming’

Image: Xbox

Earlier today, Halo Infinite Head creative, Joseph Staten, admitted the launch of Season 2 multiplayer had been bumpy.

There have been all sorts of changes and issues identified so far, but one, in particular, that seems to be causing some issues mid-firefight are weapon jams. Yep, if it’s happened to you while firing a semi-automatic weapon like the Battle Rifle in the heat of battle, you’re not alone.

343’s senior community manager, John Junyszek, has now acknowledged this bug – explaining how it was introduced while the team was trying to wipe out a rapid-fire exploit. The good news is 343 is already working on a fix:

“FYI: The “jamming” that’s happening to semi-automatic weapons (most noticeably the BR) is not an intended mechanic. It’s a bug that was introduced when addressing a rapid-fire exploit. We’re working on a fix now.”

In his most recent update via social media, Joseph Staten mentioned once again how the team at 343 was taking feedback about S2 into consideration and was currently “reviewing options” – with plans to share more news and updates in the near future.

Have you experienced this weapon “jamming” problem on the battlefield? Tell us down below.

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