A Lego Atari VCS / 2600 50th anniversary set has been spotted online

An official Lego build of the Atari VCS / 2600 has been spotted online.

According to Promobricks (translated by VGC), the set will be released in August to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Atari and will cost $199.99 USD.

It’s currently unknown if the set will come with Minifigures, but it does have a set number, 10306.

Promobricks understands that while the console set will launch in Lego stores and online in August, it “will probably also be available in stores in January 2023”.

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It’s typical for large, Lego Store exclusive sets to be sold by non-Lego retailers a few months after launch, as was the case with the Lego NES.

Released in 1977, the Atari VCS (rebranded the Atari 2600 five years later) is considered one of the most iconic video game consoles of all time – not just because of its unique woodgrain finish, but because of the extreme highs and lows the console experienced.

The VCS was an enormous success, especially in North America, with around 30 million consoles sold worldwide.

This success came at a price, however, as a slew of low-quality games flooded the market – both from third-party developers looking to jump on the bandwagon, and Atari itself trying to rush out big releases like the infamous E.T. tie-in.

Ultimately, the console was blamed for the North American ‘video game crash’ of 1983, a crash that the NES is credited for reversing a couple of years later.

The Atari 2600 will seemingly be the second Lego console released, though it has been speculated that a second Nintendo console may be revealed soon. 

While Lego has explored video game based themes in the past with Overwatch and the popular Mario line, it appears to be expanding beyond the license holders it has typically worked with.

PlayStation‘s Horizon Forbidden West is also getting an official Lego set. The Lego Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck, which is set number 76989, will release on May 22 for $79.99 and consists of 1222 bricks.