A modder has turned a Fisher Price toy controller into a working Xbox controller

A modder has turned a Fisher Price toy game controller into an actual working one.

Rudeism, who describes himself as a “builder of bizarre controllers”, has managed to take a Fisher Price Game & Learn Controller and mod it so it can be used as an Xbox controller.

According to Rudeism, the controller “can do anything a standard controller can do, plus is still makes all the annoying sounds it did originally”.

When asked by a follower how it could possibly perform every Xbox controller function despite only having one analogue stick, two shoulder buttons and no Start, Select or Xbox Guide buttons, Rudeism explained how it worked in greater detail.

The secret reportedly lies in the yellow slider button, which usually toggles the toy’s function so the buttons make either educational or musical sounds.

Rudeism’s mod changes the yellow slider so that switching it toggles the stick’s functionality between the left and right analogue stick, and toggles the face buttons between A, B, X, Y and the Start, Select and Guide buttons.

While there are only two bumpers, these can be tilted left or right so they can already handle both LT / LB and RT / RB.

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Technically this means the controller can’t literally do everything an Xbox controller can, in that players can’t move both sticks at the same time, and the trigger buttons don’t have analogue input. It’s nevertheless an impressive feat.

This isn’t the first time the Fisher Price Game & Learn Controller has been the subject of video game players’ attention.

In 2018, this writer discovered that the controller includes the Konami Code, meaning anyone who enters it triggers a secret ‘you win’ sound.

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After Rudeism shared his mod on Twitter, original Xbox designed Seamus Blackley commended his work on Twitter, dubbing the controller the ‘BabyDuke’ – a reference to the ‘Duke’ nickname given to the original Xbox’s large controller.

“I fully endorse this new BabyDuke controller,” Blackley said. “Bravo. Well done.”

Rudeism says he’s now ‘toying’ with the idea of learning how to speedrun a game with the Fisher Price controller so he can use it during an Awesome Games Done Quick event.