Adventures of The Old Testament, Epic Video Game launching August 31st, 2022 by ROKiT Studios

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2022 / — The Bible is an undoubtedly important book, filled with stories and lessons of epic proportions, some would say it is “Game of Thrones” (HBO series) combined with “Lord of the Rings” (You know) combined with “12 rules of Life” (by Jordan Peterson) Yet its written form is often negated in today’s day and age, overlooked for more modern means of media and engagement. But what if there was a way to translate the Bible into the twenty-first century? To bring its gut-wrenching scenes and adventure into an exciting, immersive experience? Now there is.

Adventures of the Old Testament is a new indie title that seeks to embody the trials, tribulations, and action-packed adventures of the Bible’s Old Testament into a video game. It’s a full-scale playable experience, with real-time strategy and role-playing game mechanics that puts you in the shoes of some of history’s most iconic figures. Players will enjoy the game in Single Player and Multi-Player mission mode; as well as an open-world game mode!

Adventures of the Old Testament allows you to delve into all 39 books of the Old Testament through a number of quest-like levels, featuring over 80 episodes of biblical stories and scripture summaries in quick, easy-to-digest animations. You’ll experience everything from the creation of the world to Moses fighting his way out of Egypt, David and Goliath’s battle to Daniel in the lion’s den.

The creators (Founder, Jonathan Kendrick and CEO Michael Soto) behind the game at ROKiT Studios developed Adventures of the Old Testament with a mix of animation in Unreal and gameplay in Unity with the goal of converting the Bible stories into a fun, easy-to-understand format. They took inspiration from their lives; seeing their own children, whom they often noticed playing video games for hours on end; they wanted to see people around the world engage with content that is not only more exciting than most, but can be a seed that leads to interest around some of the positive take aways and history the Old Testament has, and leads them into the next game they will release, Adventures of the New Testament.

Backed by years of expertise and experience, ROKiT Studios is certainly in a position to succeed with this title. As an indie studio they have already released several popular youth-friendly games – most recently Where’s Samantha? and Dragon Caffi, both available on Nintendo SWITCH and STEAM.

They also practice what they preach; the team has contributed their technological skills to a number of philanthropic and humanitarian projects, from building WiFi cities with mobile homes for the homeless in Austin, TX, as well as the development of the lowest cost teletherapy application on the market today, DISKUSS (Partnered with former WWE champion Adam Scherr)

When it comes to the future of their latest title, ROKiT Studios says that Adventures of the Old Testament will be released for PC, MAC, iOS, and Android between August 31st to September 7th (with monthly free updates to the game) and will release for all consoles this November 2022. They highly encourage prospective players to jump on social media (which can be found at to follow the project’s progress in real time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Adventures of the Old Testament or want to make sure you’re one of the first to play, be sure to Wishlist it on STEAM today.

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The Bible Video Game 2022 Trailer: Adventures of the Old Testament

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