Amid criticism, Sega says it will fix Sonic Origins’ issues

Sega has told the game’s community it’s working on an update for Sonic Origins that will fix “a variety of issues”, as the title continues to receive criticism from some players.

In a tweet responding to a fan asking about upcoming patches, Katie Chrzanowski, the Sonic the Hedgehog social media manager, replied: “Hey! Thanks for the patience! The team’s been listening and is working on fixing a variety of issues right now.”

She continued: “We’ll make sure to get some more official messaging out once we have more info for everyone.”

Sonic Origins – launch trailer

While no information on a release date for the update or the contents of the update has been revealed, many problems such as collision issues in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, sound glitches and muffled audio in all games, problems with widescreen boundaries and odd Tails AI behaviour, have all been reported online.

The game has faced multiple problems since release, with a prominent modder who was working on a large mod for the game even calling it “absolute shit” and abandoning the project.

The modder, who goes by the name Xanman, was working on a mod they were calling BetterOrigins, which promised to fix a number of bugs and other issues being reported by the Sonic community.

The mod has now been cancelled, with modder Xanman saying that the modding process had made it clear to them that the game was in a poor state.

“Hey, so we decided to stop the development of this project,” they said. “After really digging into the files for this game, its become way clearer that this game is absolute shit.”

Xanman’s comments follow similar complaints from one of the game’s key developers, who said shortly after release that the whole team was unhappy with the condition of the final product.

GamerCityNews  Amid criticism, Sega says it will fix Sonic Origins’ issues

Origins’ Sonic CD remaster was originally developed by Christian Whitehead using his Retro Engine, while Sonic 1 and 2 were developed by Whitehead and Headcannon Games.

However, Sonic Origins itself was developed and compiled in-house at Sega using the remasters, and Headcannon developer Simon Thomley (aka Stealth) is seemingly not happy with the finished product.

“This is frustrating,” Thomley said in a Twitter thread. “I won’t lie and say that there weren’t issues in what we gave to Sega, but what is in Origins is also not what we turned in.”