An off-duty police officer tried buying a PS4 online, he shot the sellers who tried robbing him

PARKVILLE, Md. — We are learning more about a May 5 double shooting in Parkville, that involved an off-duty Maryland National Capital Park Police officer.

Police say Adnan Hussain had planned to meet some men to purchase a Play Station 4 they were selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Upon meeting to complete the sale in the 1100 block of Deanwood Road, the sellers allegedly robbed Hussain of the $440 he had to pay for the gaming system.

That’s when Hussain reportedly pulled out a gun and shot the two suspects.

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Apparently it wasn’t the first time the men tried robbing someone who they met through Marketplace.

Just two days earlier, in the same block, police say another man was robbed while trying to sell three pairs of tennis shoes.

So far, police said they’ve identified three suspects involved. Each reportedly face robbery and weapons charges, although their names have not been released.

As for Hussain, a grand jury on Monday declined to file criminal charges against him for the shooting.

He’s been a member of the Maryland National Capital Park Police for seven-years.

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