Another 11 Games Will Leave Xbox Game Pass Soon (December 15)

I love old school jrpgs, mostly from nes, snes, ps1. I don’t like most of the big modern jrpgs, like Persona 5 recently bored me to tears, tried it for about 7 hours and felt like I was still in the tutorial. Ni No Kuni was interesting but the combat sucked, Kingdom Hearts is just a mess, Final Fantasy hasn’t been good since 9, 10 was okay and was the last one I finished. 12, 13 and 15 were god awful, have zero interest in FF7R, despite FF7 is maybe my GOAT.

DQ11 is the rare exception. Hadn’t played DQ since 5 on my nephew’s DS, and 11 lived up to and exceeded my expectations. It’s really great to see at least one classic jrpg series stick to its roots and still be able to deliver a great adventure like DQ11. Probably not enough time to finish it in 2 weeks, but definitely try it out to see if you want to grab it on discount before it leaves. It’s a great game.

Honorable mention to Yakuza Like a Dragon, which is the only Yakuza I’ve played, and inspired by DQ, was a great traditional jrpg.

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