Apex Legends Mobile’s limited regional launch is ending tomorrow

Apex Legends Mobile’s limited regional launch is set to end on May 6 at 7pm CT ahead of the global launch later this month.

EA’s mobile version of its premium battle royale title was released in 10 countries in March, although players from other regions could easily play it by using a VPN. With the ending of the limited regional launch, all purchases and account progression will be reset.

If you were making purchases during the limited regional launch, don’t worry: all purchases will be converted into currency with a 25 percent bonus. These will be available to players in the global release.

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EA has confirmed that Apex Mobile will be launching later in May, but an official date hasn’t been revealed yet. Players can currently pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store and the official website. EA is also giving away a lot of pre-registration rewards based on different milestones with the game currently crossing 13.5 million pre-registrations.

To receive the currency from the limited regional launch and the pre-registration rewards, players must use the same account to login into the game when it releases worldwide. The game will be released with 10 legends and two maps later this month.

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