Apex Legends Update 1.99 Out Today As Input Issues Reportedly Continue

Apex Legends Update 1.99 is out now across all platforms, with gamers on Xbox Series X still reporting input lag issues.

Having confirmed that the problem had been added to the game earlier in June, Respawn revealed that the Apex dev team were busy trying to solve it.

“We are continuing to investigate reports of input delay some Xbox players are experiencing. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this,” Respawn told fans on Twitter.

But with the latest patch now live, it appears that issues remain in-game for those on the Xbox platform.

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Apex Legends Update 1.99 Out Today

A new Apex Legends update can be downloaded today across PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms, weighing in at less than 1GB on most platforms. Respawn has yet to share a bug fix list for its latest game build and it’s unclear at this point what has changed yet.

Some of the problems listed as fixed on the game’s official Trello Board include the following bugs:

  • Loba’s tactical fails on certain Storm Point terrain.
  • Some Xbox headsets do not pick up the player’s mic.
  • Predator Ranks getting incorrect rewards.

These issues are expected to be solved as part of the latest Apex Legends Update build, but there is one vital fix still missing from the game. According to Xbox players, today’s new Apex Legends patch has not solved issues with Xbox controller input lag.

This has led to the game becoming very difficult to play on Xbox Series X consoles, leaving many unable to enjoy a normal game. Different problems have been flagged by those affected, including button delay, stick drift, and issues with navigating in the most basic way.

And early reports indicate that issues continue while trying to play Apex Legends on Xbox Series X. One user posted this message on Reddit following today’s update:

“You’ll let go of the joystick and the cursor will bounce left or right up or down a few CM after not touching it.”

An official update from Respawn is expected to be shared when this issue has been fixed on Xbox consoles.

In other news, Apex Legends Update 1.99 Out Today As Input Issues Reportedly Continue

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