Ardent Pokemon Legends: Arceus Fan Shocks Nintendo Switch Fans by Uncovering a Well-Kept Secret

Nintendo has been making great strides this year with all its releases turning out to be massive blockbusters. And among them is Pokemon Legends: Arceus that arrived earlier in January and is still leaving no stone unturned in mesmerizing the players.


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Well it looks like there’s been a hidden gameplay mechanic in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that some of the fans haven’t noticed yet. And it turns out that it’s one of the most adorable features one can have in a video game.

Nintendo’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus lets you emote with your Pokemon with X, B, and A buttons!


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Being an action-adventure title from Game Freak, Arceus is part of the eighth generation of Pokemon gaming series. Furthermore, it serves as the prequel to 2006’s Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus features a protagonist who is sent back through time, while travelling the Hisui region. The objective is simple: completing the roster of the region’s Pokemon, also called the Pokedex.

Upon its debut in January, Arceus received mostly positive reactions from the critics as well as the players. They praised its amazing design and overall experience on the Nintendo Switch.

While the game has been a huge hit in terms of surprising the fans on all the fronts, there’s still one astonishing secret which is yet to be explored.

GamerCityNews pokemon_legends_arceus Ardent Pokemon Legends: Arceus Fan Shocks Nintendo Switch Fans by Uncovering a Well-Kept Secret

As reported by GamesRadar, a Reddit post recently revealed that Pokemon Legends: Arceus actually allows you to emote with your Pokemon.

One user, who goes by the name dannydam707, shared a video that showcased their avatar expressing various emotes in front of their Pokemon. They were able to do this by pressing the X, B, and A buttons on the Switch to nod, shake the head, or give a motivating cheer.


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It seems like using this combination of buttons grants one to emote with a Pokemon simultaneously inside the game. Which is just fantabulous to say the least, especially for a Switch hit like Arceus. It’s really proving to be more than just being a video game.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available for the Nintendo Switch across the globe.


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What are your thoughts on the discovery of the impressive emote feature in this blockbuster? Did you know about it already or not? Don’t forget to share your reactions. Let us know in the comments.

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