Ashes of Creation Reveals new Ranged Attack Mechanics in New Video

Intrepid Studios released a new video of its upcoming MMORPG, Ashes of Creation, which has some more gameplay.

This time, we see some new ranged attack mechanics that the developers are working on.

We see various abilities; as well as an opener that allows you to hurl a thousand shots in succession and an even sniping attack that requires you to hold the attack button for a few years but can deal many damage.

Of course, the large video shows an interesting world of the game.

The new mechanics are expected to live in the next Alpha 2 phase as progress progresses from this highly anticipated MMORPG.

Watch the video below.

Ashes of Creationis a very promising fantasy MMORPG coming to PC. If you want to hear more, check out our hands-on preview from last year.

The game’s not even working a real engine.

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