Attacks On Video Game Companies More Than Doubled In The Past Year

Next August 29 is World Video Game Day, a great time to raise awareness of the cyber risks affecting the sector.

The State of the Internet report shows that the accounts of video game companies and their players are at risk due to an increase in attacks on web applications after the pandemic.

Akamai Technologies, Inc. [2], [2] (NASDAQ: AKAM), the cloud company that powers and protects online lives, has released a new State of the Internet report showing that attacks on web applications in the gaming industry have more than doubled in the past year. went. New report, – _Gaming has increased_ – [3]notes that these attacks come after a rise in popularity and demand for cloud gaming platforms.

Attacks on web applications in the gaming industry put gamer accounts at risk of being exposed to cybercriminals, who can sell these accounts or steal personal information such as credit card details. According to the reports, it is expected [4] That the micro-transactions market will reach $106.02 billion in 2026, making it a huge target for attackers. The report also states that the gaming industry is the target of 37% of DDoS attacks. This is a huge number, as the second most targeted vertical sector is finance at 22%.

Other key findings of _Gaming is Risen_ are:

Attacks on web applications in the gaming sector increased by 167% from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, affecting millions of gamer accounts around the world.

The United States is the primary target for attackers, followed by Switzerland, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, and other countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Video game companies are operating on the cloud, creating a new threat surface for hackers.

Micro-transactions, widely spread in the gaming sector, are of great interest to criminals who can take advantage of players’ purchasing power without attracting attention.

“As activity in the gaming industry has grown and evolved, so has the interest in disrupting it through cyberattacks,” said Jonathan Singer, Akamai Senior Strategist for Media & Entertainment Industries. “Cybercriminals often disrupt live services and hijack credentials to steal game assets. In addition, with the expansion of the industry in cloud gaming, new players (the primary target for cybercriminals) have become increasingly vulnerable to attackers. “Our most recent report, _Gaming Is Risen_, looks at how and why the gaming industry has become such a huge global target of attracting cybercriminals, fraudsters and money launderers.”

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