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The year is 2047. People are still denying climate change even as the average temperature in Dunedin hits 34degC, Dr Warner is still on Shortland St, and Scott Robertson leads the Crusaders to a 25th championship while waiting for his chance to coach the All Blacks.

And, in the gaming world, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) releases its 138th expansion.

Of course I jest. There is no way Shortie lasts for another 25 years.

Yes, another ESO expansion is out, to be greeted by either howls of delight from the tragics or barely-stifled yawns from those who think it’s just more of the same.

But it’s NOT just more of the same, and that’s why this is one multiplayer RPG that refuses to go away.

There’s a familiarity, of course, as you return to the world of Tamriel with your character and perform many of the same hack-slash-spell-ride-explore actions.

But all ESO additions have had new gear and new areas to roam and new storylines, and High Isle is one of the most interesting yet.

I’m no walking, talking encyclopedia on this fantasy land, but my understanding is this is the first area that has been created from a blank canvas, and not one that has been dusted off from the linked single-player games (Skyrim et al).

Your destination is the Systres Archipelago, a Game of Thrones-ish area of castles and villages and royal courts and, naturally, some good old political in-fighting.

With a sweeping storyline that features warring houses (Starks v Lannisters, anyone?) and brave knights and hefty doses of mysticism from druids and the like, there is enough engaging content there to keep one amused till the White Walkers arrive … fine, you get the point.

I’m a pick-up, put-down Elder Scrolls player — the game lends itself perfectly to both hardcore grinders and occasional dabblers — and High Isle has to date made the most convincing case for ‘‘don’t put me down’’.

There is life in Elder Scrolls yet.



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