Battlefield 2042 Reddit community reacts to EA mocking single-player games

Battlefield 2042 might have been a debacle for EA and DICE, but that hasn’t stopped the publishers from being socially active. While the game’s Twitter account hasn’t been a hub of activity, the Reddit community hasn’t liked what EA recently posted about single-player games.

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t been in a good place since the game was released. Many plans have remained unfulfilled, and players have been left disappointed. However, most of the fan base feels that DICE and EA have been the main cause of the problem.

With a lot of work left, fans’ last request was an EA post that took digs at single-player games. This seems ironic, given that their multiplayer product is barely playable.

Battlefield 2042’s Redditors talk about EA’s continued failue, in light of recent tweet

The original post was made by Reddit user u/ANGRYlalocSOLDIE, who showed a screenshot of what EA’s tweet and Tom Henderson’s sarcastic reply. Other members also reacted to the incident and what they thought about it.

One user sarcastically commented that they couldn’t understand why some play single-player games. The user then went on to cheekily mention all the problems that have become a staple of multiplayer games, including practices like microtransactions, for starters.

Another user commented that EA should remember that all Battlefield 2042 is filled with are bugs and poor mechanics.

In response to the above mentioned user, another person stated that they’re glad about the bugs, for the game is certainly not filled with content.

While DICE has claimed a lot of improvements, the reality seems to be different. A player who started the game for the first time since Christmas has been left unsatisfied with the existing state of the product.

Players have resorted to previous entries in the series in the wake of poor performances in Battlefield 2042. One user recommended that developers to stop 2042 altogether and work more on Battlefield V.

The player count has dipped so much over the issue that one user even asked if the game should be considered as a single-player title at this point.

One user felt that the tweet by EA probably won the worst tweet of all time.

While every developer is vying for a greater social media space, chirpy posts are becoming increasingly common. However, EA couldn’t have selected a worse time to have made the tweet, but they did. Gamers’ reactions are also quite natural, considering Battlefield 2042’s current state.

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