Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton is reviewing a Hindi Voice Pack for the game

Krafton has released a new FAQ post on their website. According to the post, The South Korean gaming major is planning a lot of improvements and new features for the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India. One of the new features includes a Hindi voice pack, which the developer is currently reviewing and might launch soon. Keep reading to know more about features in the review and other information given by Krafton. 

BGMI developers says that a Hindi Voice Pack is in review

The Hindi voice pack will be suitable for Battlegrounds Mobile India as it would complete the #IndiaKaBattleground branding that Krafton has been pushing so far. Since Hindi is spoken by more than 30% of Indians, a Hindi Voice pack for the game will make it easier for a lot of people to follow the instructions and information that were previously given in English. Additionally, Krafton promised to completely localize the game by adding Hindi as a language in the game.

Krafton did not cover refunds for Prime Subscription in the new FAQ post

Other than the Hindi Voice pack for Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton is also reviewing a Prime Subscription for the game. However, nothing is clear at the moment and the developer will inform players as and when the feature will be available. Prime Subscription in BGMI will ensure a steady flow of UC to players, which is the in-game currency of BGMI. While the original concept of this feature comes from Pubg Mobile, it might not be available in the country soon. Unfortunately, players who were previously playing the global version of Pubg Mobile and invested in Prime Subscription have no idea whether they will get their money back or not.

The developers are banning cheaters in real-time

Krafton also talked about the bugs in the game and said that “we are continuously informing you through a notice in the official website. We do know it’s cumbersome, but if you experience any bugs in the game, please contact Customer Service.” Talking about the emulator version of BGMi, Krafton said that it is not as safe as the game and increases the chances of “illegal actions such as falsification.” Krafton also mentions its security systems and writes “If an account is detected to be using an illegal program, the account gets automatically banned in real-time”

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