Best TFT Patch 12.12 meta comps in Set 7 Dragonlands

A giant patch and a hotfix have slightly shifted the Teamfight Tactics Set Seven, toning down top-end Dragonlands comps while creating space for several new ones.

Patch 12.12 aimed to quicken the pace of combat within TFT Set Seven while nerfing and buffing top and low-end performers. A hotfix was shipped almost immediately after the update went live, targeting both Volibear and Daeja. And yet, both Set Seven champions are viable within the Patch 12.12 meta. 

Sunfire Cape and Statikk Shiv are still two of the best early game items, along with Guinsoo”s Rageblade. Quicksilver remains a must on primary carriers during the late game, while Giant Slayer, Archangel’s Staff, and Spear of Shojin rank at the top of the charts as three of the best late-game items for carriers. Players should still pay attention to Draconic Augments while having at least one or two TFT Set Seven Patch 12.12 comps they are focused on playing heading into each game.

Assassins comp

Love or hate the backline jumpers, Assassins are still meta within TFT Patch 12.12. Diana received a bug fix, and Olaf had his attack damage lowered slightly. But both are still viable Set Seven champions, along with Talon and Pyke during the late-game stages.

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The main Assassin TFT comp uses three-star Olaf as a primary carrier with an Assassin Spatula or emblem. A shell of the build should have at least four Assassin and four Bruiser to fully optimize Olaf’s potential. Best-in-slot items for Olaf are still the Assassin Spatula or emblem and Runaan’s Hurricane. Blood Thirster is a viable third option for healing, but with Draconic Augment like Thrill of the Hunt, players can go all-in on AD damage with an Infinity Edge instead.

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Diana can hold her items if three-starred but Pyke can use her items if Diana’s too contested to get up to three-star. Any Assassin Heart/Crest/Crown is highly recommended as a Draconic Augment. Thrill of the Hunt is a solid option for healing, while Cutthroat is the standard Assassin Augment, and Urf’s Grab Bag is a great way to get a Spatula. 


The feather tosser never left the meta and dominates the late-game thanks to reworks to Shyvana. Xayah is a four-cost carry, allowing players to transition into her comp. We recommend a strong opening game, stacking defense items for either Shyvana, Idas, or Hecarim. Scorch is the standard Ragewing Draconic Augment. Other solid options include Best Friends, Jeweled Lotus, and Verdant Veil to free up an item slot on Xayah.

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Items for Xayah are Gunsoo’s Rageblade and Giant Slayer with Quicksilver in the third slot unless Verdant Veil is a Draconic Augment Option. Xayah TFT comps are unique because they are flexible, and it’s also easy to fast eight if a player’s board becomes too weak due to greed or slow transitions. Running three or six Rageblade units is an option, with Shyvana as the secondary carrier within the six Rageblade Patch 12.12 comp.

Idas has become the staple defensive frontline dragon in Set Seven, protecting Xayah should Shyvana become elusive within the shop. And Hecarim is one of the best defensive units in the Dragonlands set. Players can pair Sejuani with Hecarim or go for a Cavalier Spatula on Shen or Ornn. And Talon is a viable secondary offensive carry within a Xayah comp. Add in Twitch during the early game, and the six Ragewing Xayah comp is a four Guild build as well.


Cannoneer Set Seven champions are hot for fireworks and winning games. Corki is the primary carrier now that his targeting has been fixed, while Idas is the preferred frontline tank. A Revel and Cannoneer opening is exceptionally strong, especially with Trainer. Ricochet and Hot Shot are both solid Cannoneer Draconic Augments.

GamerCityNews Corki-Idas Best TFT Patch 12.12 meta comps in Set 7 Dragonlands
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Ideal items on Corki are Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Giant Slayer, and a Quicksilver. The trainer trait is a must-have trait within the Cannoneer Corki comp, but there’s an alternative around Idas. Running Heimerdinger as a third Trainer and Sylas as frontline Bruiser with Tahm Kench allows room for a Mage Spatula, specifically on Corki is possible.

Dragonmancer comps

The Dragonmancer trait has become one of the most versatile traits within TFT Set Seven. Players can run various rerolls while synergizing with traits like Jade and Ragewing. Six Dragonmancer is always recommended, using either Swain, Karma, Lee Sin, or Volibear as the primary carrier. 

GamerCityNews Volibear-Dragonmancer-1024x411 Best TFT Patch 12.12 meta comps in Set 7 Dragonlands
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Volibear’s buffs were reverted in the hotfix, but the legend champion was able to keep the attack speed buff which has helped his overall performance. Of the Dragonmancer reroll comps, Volibear is one of the strongest, followed by Swain, Karma, and Lee Sin. Activating the Legend trait is also important to running Volibear as a main carry. And the best TFT items for Volibear are Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Blood Thirster, and Quicksilver.

Karma was buffed in Patch 12.12, allowing her to stand alone as a three-star carry. Running a reroll Karma comp is typically the only version that can get away with only three Dragonmancer units, as long as there are six Jade champions on the battlefield. Having Shi Oh Yu as a secondary carry with Neeko tied to the Jade dragon creates a strong frontline to protect Karma and Anivia.

GamerCityNews Karma-Dragonmancer Best TFT Patch 12.12 meta comps in Set 7 Dragonlands
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Karma wants ability power items like Deathcap and Archangel’s Staff. She can also use Blue Buff and the infamous Jeweled Gauntlet/Infinity Edge combo. Shi Oh Yu thrives on Blood Thirster, Giant Slayer, and Quicksilver. And Neeko wants defensive items. 

Swain is a strong reroll unit that can transition into a Xayah carry should the reroll option fail. Ideal items on Ragewing champion are Gunisoo’s Rageblade, Quicksilver, and Giant Slayer. 

GamerCityNews Lee-Sin-1024x397 Best TFT Patch 12.12 meta comps in Set 7 Dragonlands
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Lee Sin has been a sleeper reroll carry since the release of Set Seven. And with the buffs from Patch 12.12, he can carry to a top-four consistently with the right items. Running the Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge combo on Lee Sin is necessary with a Quicksilver to avoid crowd control. Hand of Justice is a solid alternative, and Spear of Shojin can increase the number of times he gets to kick units during a combat stage. And Yasuo is a solid secondary carrier during the late game. 

Mirage Daeja and friends

Of all the TFT Set Seven comps standing out within Patch 12.12, Mirage is one of the most underrated and slept-on builds to play. Daeja was given a rework and then nerfed in the hotfix. But despite the necessary nerfs applied to the Mirage dragon, she has still become a viable carry within the Patch 12.12 meta.

GamerCityNews Daeja-Mirage-1024x399 Best TFT Patch 12.12 meta comps in Set 7 Dragonlands
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Knowing which Mirage traits to chase at the start of a game is important. With Daeja as a primary carrier, players will want to watch Spellsword, Executioner, and Duelists. And the Warlord sub-trait is also a viable option. Hallucinate is the standard Mirage Draconic Augment, and players will want either a Mirage Crown or a Cavalier Crown/Crest. 

Ideal items on Daeja are Quicksilver and anything speed-related. She also works well with a Giant Slayer and Archange’s Staff combo or with multiple Chalice of Power’s supporting her.

Daeja is typically the focus of a Mirage comp, but Yone and Nunu are also solid reroll options. And Yasuo can pop off as a late-game carry if you were able to win-streak and two-star the Warrior unit before other late-game comps come online in your lobby.

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