BGMI coach iFlicks on career in esports

Well-known BGMI and PUBG Mobile coach Nishant “iFlicks” Murlidharan has recently become active on his YouTube channel via livestreams. During these sessions, iFlicks interacts with his audience and often answers their questions about BGMI and esports.

During one of his livestreams, hosted on his YouTube channel iFlicks, Murlidharan was again asked plenty of questions about his job and possible careers in esports.

GamerCityNews  BGMI coach iFlicks on career in esports

After elaborating on his own journey, iFlicks told his viewers that there are multiple avenues one can take to have a successful esports career.

“There are many career options in esports. Take my example. I was a professional player, then became a manager and a coach, apart from doing (esports) analysis. A big chunk of the views on my channel also comes from my analytical content. So, you have plenty of options to pick from.”

BGMI coach iFlicks discusses his career and alternate professions in esports

The esteemed coach also spoke about his own professional trajectory during this livestream. He said:

“I am a PUBG PC professional player who later became a coach for BGMI teams. However, I am currently managing esports teams that play BGMI, COC, PU, FIFA, and more. So, I am Esports Head for Hyderabad Hydras.”

Nishant “iFlicks” explained that one should not solely focus on becoming a professional player and instead go for other alternatives like being employed as a talent manager or event organizer in esports. He gave reasons for the same.

GamerCityNews  BGMI coach iFlicks on career in esports

Besides giving the above suggestions, iFlicks also talked about casting (commentating) as a valid career path for those who have a good command of their language and can play with words. Finally, he suggested that his viewers focus on studies first.

Nishant “iFlicks” previously talked about the online hate that many BGMI streamers receive

GamerCityNews  BGMI coach iFlicks on career in esports

A few weeks back, iFlicks spoke about the online hate that many Indian gaming streamers endure. When a fan asked iFlicks for his take on a star like Ghatak receiving unjust hatred despite his “great efforts for IGC,” the streamer commented on how everyone is online these days and shares all their views.

These days, having a public profile almost always leads to troll attacks. Therefore, complaining about hate doesn’t achieve anything when the account owners themselves decided to go public. No one can stop haters from hating and fans from sending their love.

Nishant “iFlicks” also said that someone like Ghatak would not take online hate and trolls seriously. Fans tend to take hate comments more seriously. He further gave the example of Naman “MortaL,” who faced hate and abuse at one point in his career despite being a beloved creator.

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