Big Xbox 2022 Exclusive Confirmed for PS4 and PS5

During today’s State of Play presentation, one of the biggest Xbox exclusives of 2022 was announced for PlayStation platforms. Tunic released exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S back in March, but the game has now been announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Tunic is set to drop on September 27th, giving a new audience a chance to experience what the game has to offer. The title was announced alongside a new trailer, though it seems that fans should not expect to see anything new beyond what was offered in the Xbox version.

The new State of Play trailer can be found embedded below.

While many gamers are excited about the prospect of Tunic coming to other platforms, one of the biggest questions fans have following today’s State of Play regards a possible Nintendo Switch release. The game’s official Twitter account has been inundated with questions about that possibility over the last few months, and that’s even more so the case today. Tunic would certainly seem like a perfect fit for the Switch platform, given the game’s Zelda inspirations. The console has also played host to a massive number of indie games over the last five years. For now, Nintendo Switch users will just have to wait and see if any other platforms are confirmed!

For those unfamiliar with Tunic, the game is an isometric adventure that gives players little in the way of direction. The game is similar to The Legend of Zelda on NES in that regard, though there are a number of elements that set Tunic apart. One of the biggest is that the majority of the game’s directions are in a made-up language, forcing players to use their intuition to figure things out. Some fans have actually been able to decode the language, but the discovery elements are a big part of Tunic‘s appeal. As players explore Tunic‘s world, they also uncover pages of the game’s “instruction manual,” featuring gorgeous visuals and helpful hints about the game.

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