Bloodhunt Season 2: Release Date, Battle Pass, New…

Season 2 of Bloodhunt promises to be bigger, better, and bloodier. Find out what you can expect including the start date, battle pass, and new features.

Everything you need to know about Bloodhunt Season 2. | © Sharkmob

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt has offered up some truly fresh blood in the battle royale genre since its global release in April.

Set in a beautiful recreation of Prague, where, when night descends, teams of vampires take to the street; sucking the blood of unsuspecting victims and hunting each other down in solos, duos, and trios. There is also the recently implemented ranked mode, and while the title is currently available only on PC and PlayStation 5, the game has a rabid fanbase, desperate for more.

With the global launch out of the way, which also coincided with the start of Season 1, many are now looking to what is next. Thankfully, Sharkmob, the development team behind Bloodhunt, has been open about what the future holds with some clues given to what we can expect in Bloodhunt Season 2.

When Does Bloodhunt Season 2 Come Out?

Bloodhunt Season 1 is currently underway, having started on April 29. The Battle Pass gives us some clues about how long the season is expected to last as the in-game counter reveals that it ends on July 14.

The new season is then likely to start soon after, with Friday, July 15 the most likely candidate for Bloodhunt Season 2.

Players can expect a new Battle Pass, Archetypes, quests, and weapons in a similar vein to that seen in Fortnite Battle Passes.

Bloodhunt Season 2 Battle Pass Details

There are very few details to go on regarding Bloodhunt Season 2’s Battle Pass though it isn’t likely to deviate much from what we have seen the first go-round. The current Battle Pass has over 100 tiers of cosmetic goodies including complete outfits, customizable accessories, and emotes. There is both a free and premium track, so even if you don’t purchase the Battle Pass you can unlock rewards.

GamerCityNews Bloodhunt-3 Bloodhunt Season 2: Release Date, Battle Pass, New…
Bloodhunt Battle Passes have over 100 rewards to unlock. | © Sharkmob

The premium Battle Pass costs 950 tokens which can be purchased from the in-game store for approx. $10. A Battle Pass plus 20 tier skips can be purchased for 2,400 tokens.

What Can We Expect In Bloodhunt Season 2?

There is little concrete information about what we can expect in Bloodhunt Season 2 outside the expected Battle Pass. However, a recent development blog did reveal some broader plans for the game.

In a post titled “Bloodhunt Launch Learnings”, the developers stated that “more maps, modes, [and] store items” would be coming to the game.

GamerCityNews Prague-Bppdhimt Bloodhunt Season 2: Release Date, Battle Pass, New…
Players can expect to stalk the streets of more cities. | © Sharkmob

While we can’t go into details right now because we want to excite and surprise our players with our efforts when the time is right, we can confirm that all of this is on our list.

When it comes to maps and modes, these things naturally take a long time to develop. Given the rich detail and density of a Bloodhunt map they require a lot of work and testing to get right. Also, our approach is quality over quantity, which we think is aligned with what is expected by our core community.

The developers also revealed that more Archetypes will be coming to the game with a “new character rig” being developed that promises to make developing the different vampires and their skills quicker than before.

It looks like Vampire Masquerade fans will have plenty to get their teeth into with Bloodhunt, which is just as well, as Bloodline 2 looks a long way off yet.

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