Borderlands 3 gets full cross-play on consoles, PC, and cloud

Sony and Gearbox have finally reached a deal to add PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 cross-play to Borderlands 3.

Years after launch, Borderlands 3 has finally received full cross-play between consoles and PC. Gamers are now free to play with each other across Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Steam/Epic Games Store, and Google’s Stadia cloud streaming service. Sadly, cross-progression is still not available so if you move to another platform you’ll still have to restart from scratch.

Borderlands 3 didn’t have PlayStation cross-play at launch due to issues behind the scenes. Older 2021 reports indicate Sony is charging an extra fee for cross-play integration if players were spending more on non-Sony platforms.

Gearbox’s third chapter reached a big sales milestone with over 15 million units sold to date, pushing the total franchise to 74 million sales globally.

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