Brandon Sanderson partners with Subnautica devs for tabletop tactics video game, Moonbreaker

The team behind Subnautica is finally releasing its next game, partnering with legendary fantasy and sci-fi writer Brandon Sanderson to create an expansive universe built around digital miniatures and tactical combat. 

Moonbreaker is a turn-based, tabletop tactics game that is taking everything fans of the tabletop genre and miniature collectors enjoy about those hobbies and turning it into a new and varied gameplay experience that launches in early access on Steam on Sept. 29. 

The entire game is meant to capture the feel of a physical miniatures game without needing to abide by real-world limitations. This includes an in-depth painting mode that will have evolving tools and methods to actually upgrade their miniature units. 

Moonbreaker was born out of a natural passion for tabletop gaming many of us share at Unknown Worlds,” Unknown Worlds co-founder and game director Charlie Cleveland said. “Our aim with the game is to reduce the traditional barriers associated with tabletop gaming and miniatures while retaining the hobbyist appeal that makes that genre so special. After several years in development, we’re thrilled to officially reveal Moonbreaker and look forward to working with the community to evolve the game while it’s in Early Access.”

In Moonbreaker, players will lead their custom rosters of Captains, Crew, and Assist units into fast-paced, turn-based action set in a world called the Reaches that the developers crafted alongside Mistborn and Stormlight Archive writer Sanderson. 

The Reaches is a tiny solar system with moons held in orbit by a scarce resource called Cinder, which players can learn more about through audio dramas set to release once the game is closer to launching in September. 

Moonbreaker will also feature ongoing content releases once it launches, alongside deep customization options and a number of different gameplay experiences that aim to play to the interests of everyone, especially fans of tabletop and collectible card games. That customization will also feature custom palettes, beautiful finishes, customizable roster banners, and more. 

Interested players can sign up for the Moonbreaker Premiere Program by September to gain access to a commemorative “Gloomside” Crankbait paint job that will be usable when the game launches on Sept. 29. More details about the game will be shared in the coming weeks. 

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