Breaking down AMD’s claims for a 13% Zen 4 IPC increase

AMD has announced its new Ryzen 7000-series processors (opens in new tab) today, along with the news that the architecture is actually performing better than it initially expected. Back at the Computex reveal earlier in the year Zen 4 was given an 8 – 10% instructions per clock (IPC) increase (opens in new tab) over its Zen 3 progenitors, but now we’re told that’s gone up to around a 13% IPC gain.

With Zen 4 it became important for us to work on how we feed the instructions even faster into the machine.

Mark Papermaster, AMD

It is worth breaking that down, however. Both to get an idea of where that extra performance has come from, and how it actually breaks down in terms of how the architecture performs under different circumstances… because it’s not just a straight 13% higher across the board. There are some pretty significant variances.

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