Brighton child spent £500 on video game after memorising mum’s passwords

A CHILD spent £500 on a video game in a single weekend after she memorised her mother’s PayPal password.

Amanda Conway and husband Paul Conway, from Brighton, enjoyed a family trip to the Isle of Wight festival.

While her parents were watching the musical performances, Elizabeth played Bloxburg, a house building game in the mobile phone game Roblox.

Mother-of-two Amanda later checked her American Express account and discovered she had £500 worth of charges.

Elizabeth, nine, confessed she had memorised her mother’s PayPal password after watching her make online purchases.

Elizabeth Conway, who spent £500 on a video game after she memorised her mother’s PayPal password

The schoolgirl said she bought Roblox extras without realising how much money she was spending.

Amanda, a financial manager, said: “When we realised what she’d done we were livid.

“She must have watched me put my password in a few times and then helped herself to all sorts of Roblox extras at our expense.

“Paul gave her a monumental telling off which I don’t think she was expecting.”

Amanda said her husband is usually “the chilled one”, so for Elizabeth to see him angry was a shock.

She added: “We had lots of tears and lots of apologising to which I replied, ‘that’s not going to pay the credit card bill though is it Elizabeth’.

“Now some time has passed it’s definitely something we look back on as a family and can joke about – she’s a lovely girl and I know she’s learnt her lesson.”

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