Capcom Reports Record-High Profits Driven by Resident Evil and Monster Hunter

As the company responsible for legendary gaming IPs like Street Fighter, Mega-Man, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter: Capcom has more than established itself as a recognisable name in all corners of the industry.

Despite this, Capcom is a studio that, for the longest time, people had written off entirely. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era saw the once great Capcom fall out of the public’s favour and while it still found minor success, the failures with many of its major IPs overshadowed them.

Capcom Reports Record High Profits In 2021

This changed in recent years, with Capcom making an unexpected return to form. Capcom began putting out a variety of critically acclaimed games which have not only restored people’s faith in the studio but have also made them a lot of money; according to their most recent financial report.

The report discusses the earnings of Capcom in their Fiscal Year which ended on March 31st 2022 and claims that the company sold a record-high 32.6 million unit sales for their video games, breaking the previous year’s record-high of 30.1 million unit sales.

Capcom makes note that two of the larger contributors to these impressive figures come from the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter franchises, specifying the sales of the newest entries, Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Heading into the new Fiscal Year, Resident Evil Village has sold a massive 6.1 million units while Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin sold 1.5 million units. The rest of their sales figures are claimed to stem from a variety of sales as well as older titles that still have a large level of popularity such as Monster Hunter World: Iceborn and Resident Evil 7.

This year’s reported record-high in profits marks the fifth consecutive year where that is the case at all levels of the company and the ninth consecutive year where the company has had operating income growth.

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