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Columbiana County Career and Technical Center student Curtis Ramirez of Beaver Local competes as a member of a CCCTC Esports team. (Submitted photo)

LISBON – The Columbiana County Career and Technical Center’s Interactive Multimedia Instructor William Oesch has implemented a new Esports team that is integrated as part of his program. Esports is an organized multi-player video game competition between individuals or teams. While Esports competitions have been around for decades, in recent years Esports teams have become very popular due to live streaming capabilities. The reason that Oesch decided to integrate the sport into his program curriculum is because it allows students to work on the foundational elements of interactive multimedia, such as Graphic Design, Photography, Video Productions, Animation, and Game Design. It gives students a strong foundation built from the lab’s content standards and standards covering the Adobe Certified Professional certification exams. Oesch explains that students will utilize equipment and software to learn and run live streams across multiple platforms during matches. Students who do not participate as an active competitor on a team will work behind the scenes in the areas of social media marketing, branding, and equipment and logistic setups.

A student of Oesch’s, senior Logan Braun of Crestview, incorporated the Esports team into his senior capstone project. He discussed how they worked with video. He recorded and edited a short documentary that details the Esports program and interviews the players of the Rocket League team. He expressed his hope to use the footage in his reel and for experience to help him in future career endeavors. Logan is also part of the senior Mario Kart 8 team.

Oesch has a five-year plan for the Esports program, and he explains that Full Sail University recognized Interactive Multimedia for its emphasis on creative thinking and hands-on curricula encouraging students to pursue their dreams within the entertainment, media arts, and technology industries. With this partnership, students earn their IMM certificate and enroll in Full Sail University are awarded with a Partnership Scholarship.

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