CDs and Walkman: These tweets will take you on a trip down the memory lane

Twitter is currently the biggest micro-blogging platform in the world. From the latest news to old technology, we can find all sorts of things on Twitter. Not just that, you can also find a lot of posts that will take you back to the 90s.

Here are the five tweets that highlight the 90s tech products.

CD with secret code

This is a CD (compact disk) which has an entire computer operating system, Windows XP to be precise. Not just that, but it also has an activation key written on it. You could have activated multiple copies of the Windows operating system with just a single code. This also proves how lightweight the desktop operating system was in the late 1990 and early 2000.

Gaming console

Everyone knows a modern handheld gaming console like the Nintendo Switch and even the Steam Deck. Back in dates, handheld gaming consoles used to look a lot different with a smaller display and a limited number of titles. This is the Galaxy Invader gaming console, first launched in 1978, which still looks cool and fancy when compared to modern handheld gaming devices.

Portable music player

Back in the 90s, you needed a dedicated device to play music on the go, which can now be done on our smartphones. This is one of those devices that popularised music listening on the go. The Sony Walkman was ahead of the time, allowing users to listen to music via headphones and it even came in a trendy design. If you can recognise it, you are from the early 90s.

Watch that’s also a calculator

Calculators are something that you can find on smartphones, laptops, and tablets for free. Back in the day, owning a watch with a calculator was a thing of pride, and a lot of people (especially 90s kids) buy these just because of the nostalgia. Casio is one of the brands that is known for popularising calculator watches.

Flight simulator

The most recent flight simulator (released in 2020) offers real-life flight, map data, and airport runways. Back in 1988, when the 2nd edition of the flight simulator was released, this is how it looked. Gaming has definitely evolved a lot in the last 30 years.

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