Cemu Emulator For The Wii U Now Open-Source, Building On Linux

Cemu is a popular emulator for the Nintendo Wii U that can successfully run many games as well as homebrew titles. Cemu started off with just Windows support but then at the beginning of the year laid out plans to go open-source and provide Linux support. They’ve pulled that off and the code is now out there in a public GitHub repository.

Cemu has been in the works since 2015 as a leading Wii U emulator. As part of making it open-source, the developers wanted to open it up to accept community contributions and the like. While sometimes open-source announcements never quite pan out as expected, this week the Cemu code is indeed open-source.

GamerCityNews image Cemu Emulator For The Wii U Now Open-Source, Building On Linux

Cemu is written in C/C++ code and is published now under the Mozilla MPL 2.0 license. Cemu currently supports 64-bit Windows and Linux.

Those wishing to learn more or to check out the code can find Cemu on GitHub. Cemu 2.0 was published this week in marking the open-source milestone as well as having preliminary Linux builds. The Linux builds are currently considered “very rough around the edges” but great to see this panning out for improving the Linux gaming scene for fans of console emulators.

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