CES 2023 Live Blog: Sony and Ram EVs, Wireless TVs and Sensors For Pee

GamerCityNews  CES 2023 Live Blog: Sony and Ram EVs, Wireless TVs and Sensors For Pee


Amazon’s Ring subsidiary, most known for its video doorbells, is thinking beyond the home for its next big product. It’s called a Ring Car Cam, a $250 dual-sided camera that keeps an eye on your car’s interior as well as the road. 

“That’s significantly more expensive than a lot of dashcams already on the market,” wrote CNET’s Ry Crist, but it also has features others don’t, including built-in connectivity and interconnectivity with Ring’s apps and ecosystem. “In Ring’s eyes, expanding into automotive security was a natural next step for the brand, and one that lines up with customer demand.” 

The device has a microphone you can use to activate a recording a with a quick voice command, “Alexa, record.” Or you can disable the microphone, as well as the interior-facing camera, by sliding a privacy shutter over the lens. Crist called that feature in particular “a welcome addition for a product from Ring, which last year revealed that it reserves the right to share user footage with law enforcement without user consent during emergency situations.”

Preorders begin Thursday at a $50 discount, or $200, before the price jumps back to $250 when it launches in February. Ring will also charge $6 per month Ring Protect Go subscription to enable LTE connectivity, but it’s not required.

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