’s Best Video Games of 2022 So Far

2022 has been a bit of a strange year for video games. In a year that was expected to be jam-packed with new releases from start to finish, a number of games have started to get delayed into 2023, making 2022 a bit more sparse than once thought. 

Despite this, 2022 has still brought with it some stellar titles across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC that should be spoken highly of for years to come. In our estimation, here are the best games that have been released so far this year. 

Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla’s sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn ended up living up to expectations and then some. With an extensive open-world, new gameplay mechanics, and a story that goes to some wildly interesting places, Horizon Forbidden West is likely the best game that PlayStation has released so far in 2022.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo

GamerCityNews ghostwire-tokyo-screenshot-new-cropped-hed-1.jpg?auto=webp&width=1200&height=675&crop=1's Best Video Games of 2022 So Far
(Photo: Bethesda/Tango Gameworks)

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a really weird game and is one that might not be for everyone. This first-person horror-shooter takes place in a version of Tokyo that has seen nearly every citizen vanish from the megacity. As the player, you’re left to reverse this supernatural rapture-like event through the help of a ghostly ally. Ghostwire might not be the most original game of 2022 in terms of its format, but it wins points for its stellar presentation and eerie world.

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GamerCityNews sifu-2.jpg?auto=webp&width=1200&height=675&crop=1's Best Video Games of 2022 So Far
(Photo: Sloclap)

Sifu is likely 2022’s biggest sleeper hit in the first half of the year. Coming from developer Sloclap, Sifu is all about kung-fu fighting your way through a highly-stylized world as your character seeks revenge for the death of their father. If you’re a fan of roguelikes or fast-paced action games, Sifu is one that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land

GamerCityNews kirby-waddle-dee.jpg?auto=webp&width=1200&height=675&crop=1's Best Video Games of 2022 So Far
(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo decided to forgo everything it knew about previous Kirby games and go in a completely new direction with The Forgotten Land. The result finally takes Kirby on his first 3D adventure which results in a number of fantastic new gameplay mechanics. Kirby and the Forgotten Land isn’t just one of the best Switch exclusives so far in 2022, but it might also be the best Kirby game ever.

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Elden Ring

GamerCityNews elden-ring-combat-1271786.jpg?auto=webp&width=1200&height=675&crop=1's Best Video Games of 2022 So Far
(Photo: FromSoftware)

Elden Ring might be FromSoftware’s best game yet, which is really saying something considering that this is the same studio that made Sekiro, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls. Even though expectations were high for Elden Ring before it released, the final product was able to greatly surpass what most fans wanted from it. Elden Ring is a Game of the Year frontrunner so far in 2022 and is absolutely worth experiencing for yourself.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

GamerCityNews tiny-tinas-wonderlands.jpg?auto=webp&width=1200&height=675&crop=1's Best Video Games of 2022 So Far
(Photo: Gearbox)

Rather than immediately create a new mainline Borderlands game after Borderlands 3, Gearbox decided to go in a different direction with the spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. With the titular Tiny Tina taking a central role and a new fantasy world to explore, Wonderlands is filled to the brim with guns, goofs, and goblins. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands might not completely overhaul the Borderlands formula, but it’s by far one of the most enjoyable entries in the series.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus

GamerCityNews pokemon-legends-arceus.jpg?auto=webp&width=1200&height=675&crop=1's Best Video Games of 2022 So Far

Pokemon Legends: Arceus, in many ways, is the Pokemon game that fans have been waiting decades for. At long last, Legends: Arceus allows players to run around an expansive 3D world where Pokemon roam free. Battles are more seamless than ever before and the process of catching your favorite monsters is much more engaging. The finished product doesn’t just make for the most unique Pokemon game to date, but it might show where the series is heading in the future.

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GamerCityNews fortnite-zero-build-new-cropped-hed.jpg?auto=webp&width=1200&height=675&crop=1's Best Video Games of 2022 So Far
(Photo: Epic Games)

Yes, Fortnite isn’t a new release in 2022 by any means, but Epic’s popular battle royale game has truly reached a high point in the first half of the year. Chapter 3 of Fortnite has been excellent since it arrived in late 2021 and new additions like the game’s Zero Build mode have helped make the game more accessible and fun to a wide number of players. It shouldn’t come as a shock that Fortnite continues to be great, but if you somehow still haven’t played it for yourself, now might definitely be the time to start.


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