Dambuster Studios reveals four playable Dead Island 2 slayers

Dead Island 2 is set to launch in April for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, offering up plenty of zombie-slaying action in Hell-A. Dambuster Studios has now revealed four of the six playable slayers in the upcoming game.

Based in LA, or Hell-A, Dead Island 2 will offer up six playable slayers for us to mow down zombies with when it launches on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on April 28th, and Dambuster Studios has now revealed four of them.

Dead Island 2 will feature six playable characters

Much like the original games, Dead Island 2 will be using a character system to offer players boosts to different statistics, although we learnt from the game’s creative director James Worrall last year that this new entry will revolve around a card system that can be customised as you play. Six lovable ‘slayers’ will be available when Dead Island 2 launches, and looking at the recently revealed cast of characters, we’ll be meeting some colourful personalities, indeed — both playable and otherwise.

Up first is Amy, a former Paralympian that uses the grit and determination she developed in her previous profession to now slay the undead with a positive attitude. Keeping with the athletic theme, the rockabilly, Dani, enjoyed a spot of roller derby to release some pent-up aggression before the outbreak brought society to its knees but now will make do with zombie heads. While Dani has a bit of a temper, Brixton-born former banker-turned-stuntman, Jacob, remains as cool as a cucumber in the face of the undead onslaught, casually reciting Shakespearian quotes as he cuts through the horde. Last but certainly not least, we have the family man Ryan, who will do anything to get home to his little brother — Ryan is in great shape for the zombocalypse, thanks to his years as a firefighter-o-gram and exotic dancer.

While those four wonderful people are the playable slayers, Hell-A, much like the very real LA that we know, is full of wildly different people. Our travels will see us meet numerous people, such as former Hollywood leading man Curtis Sinclair, who’s relaxing in his Beverly Hills mansion, vlogger and internet prankster Amanda Styles, notorious Hollywood diva Jimmy Montana, and former Gods ‘n Whiskey lead guitarist Rikky Rex.

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