Dead Space, a remake and the original of 2008 compares in video in the video

ElAnalistaDeBits created an interesting video comparaison of Dead Space and the original game released in 2008, highlighting the significant graphic differences between the two productions, especially the lighting system.

This is the third element that marks an evident gap between Visceral Games and its remake, shown yesterday with an extended gameplay video that explains further doubts, due to the official launch, but still remains short: we will have to wait on January 27, 2023.

That being said, the more this contrast is unlikely to contribute to the creation of more serious and frightening atmospheres on the corridors of the USG Ishimura, the ship on which the engineer is sent to help his wife and his friend.

To date, there remain a few perplexities in regards to the animations which, like the release of the animations, could be improved for now and then, so that we can complete a technical picture that promises to be very interesting.

Would you like to get to know more? Watch our Dead Space preview again.

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