Dead Space pre-order guide: be one of the first to go back to the USG Ishimura

Placing a Dead Space pre-order is an even more exciting purchase to nail down now, given we’ve seen actual, real gameplay footage in a trailer this week (early October). It looks terrific and seems to be perfectly balancing the new additions and options that modern tech can allow, and keeping that original atmosphere, aesthetic, environment, and those spooky, creepy, gory vibes that a lot of us can remember so fondly from the game’s first release in 2008.

Dead Space remake pre-orders are coming in at around the new-gen ‘normal’ price of $69.99 – which represents the serious amount of work remaking this game, essentially from scratch – but we’ve also seen new-gen game pre-orders have discounts before release so we’ll be keeping this page updated as and when we spot them. 

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