Dead Space Remake Console Graphics Modes Detailed

The Dead Space Remake is one that fans have been waiting for since its announcement. The series’ revival has been long overdue and there is no better time to enjoy the return than with the new generation of consoles. Unfortunately, the previous console generation does not get the privilege of experiencing the title. If you are on the current generation consoles, here are the Dead Space Remake Console Graphics Modes as revealed by the official Twitter account.

Dead Space Remake Console Graphics Modes are here

We are back once again in the zero-gravity boots of Isaac Clarke as we once again embark on our horrific and terrifying journey across the USG Ishimura. If you have not already, you should watch the launch trailer. The latest news for the game comes from the official Twitter account the game which tells us the two modes players will be able to experience on launch.

The two options for gamers will offer:

  • 4K with Ray-Tracing at 30FPS
  • 1440p with no Ray-Tracing, but at 60FPS.

While the game does well with, it will be nice to enjoy the game with both modes on multiple playthroughs. The original title was also a 30FPS endeavor on the PS3 and Xbox 360, so it will be nice to experience the horrors of the Ishimura in 30 and 60FPS on different playthroughs.

Dead Space Remake Platforms and Release Date

The Dead Space Remake is set for January 27th and will release for the PS5, Xbox Serie X|S, and the PC. The title is one of the few titles to be a third-party title that is exclusive to the new console generation, which means that it has untapped potential to be as visually stunning as it can be.

What are your thoughts on the options? Let us know in the comments section below!

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