Dead Space Remake Reveals Change to Divisive Feature

Developer Motive has confirmed another change being made to the original Dead Space for the upcoming remake, and it’s to a fairly divisive feature. When Dead Space was released in 2008, it was almost universally praised, earning an 89 on Metacritic. Not only it is it considered one of the best games of its year, but it and its first sequel are widely considered some of the best survival horror games ever made. That said, while the game is a certified classic, it doesn’t mean it’s without fault. Like any game, it has shortcomings. For example, like most 3D maps, its 3D map in the game wasn’t very well realized or useful. And Motive has identified this and has changed it for the remake, making it a 2D map.

“Looking back at it, there was a little bit of frustration around how to control [the original map] or how to read it quickly,” said Joel MacMillan, a developer on the remake, of the change. “You’d have to kind of rotate it to figure out what’s the best angle to see where your character is and where you need to go. We’ve actually simplified it rather than embellished it, to improve the clarity and the readability of it.”

It remains to be seen how well this change will be implemented and thus whether or not it will be an improvement. That said, while 3D maps sometimes look cooler they are rarely more useful than 2D maps, so it’s hard to imagine this being anything less than an upgrade.

The Dead Space remake is set to release worldwide on January 27, 2023 via PC, PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. When it does, it will cost $59.99. Given that it’s an EA game, it will eventually come to EA Play, and thus also come to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but this won’t happen until months after the game’s release.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. Do you think this is the right change from Motive or should they just have kept things strictly faithful?

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