The Ghostbusters are back in Illfonic’s Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, the latest 4v1 asymmetrical video game from the developer, whose past releases include other film franchise adaptations, consisting of Friday the 13th and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

Thinking of the first Ghostbusters movie, in particular, the scenes that saw Slimer getting hunted through the hallways of a New York City hotel, it’s hard to imagine any other movie moment that, at least on paper, seems better suited for an asymmetrical experience, with Spirits Unleashed playing out exactly as you’d expect, as a group of four Ghostbusters attempt to contain one slime-hurling specter.

Now, while I love Ghostbusters (obviously), I’m typically not the biggest fan of asymmetrical video games. I mean, I played Friday the 13th, but I only enjoyed running around as Jason Voorhees, bludgeoning camp counselor, which I mostly did offline. So, the thought of me wanting to jump online with a group of friends is a bit foreign.

While I’ve already been pretty open to sharing my thoughts on Spirits Unleashed as part of a handful of live streams hosted on the Ghostbusters News YouTube channel, it seemed inevitable that, eventually, I’d get around to forming a more formal review, with today’s feature being just that, along with a dive into the gameplay mechanics, and why I held off on posting a review when the game first launch.

As mentioned within the review, Illfonic is planning to roll out multiple DLC drops throughout the next year that will contain a handful of free maps and ghosts, along with additional options within the character customizer.

It also appears that to keep players coming back, players can expect unannounced events and limited-time content, with a recent update decorating the Ghostbusters Firehouse for Halloween and giving access to four spooky masks.

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