Dota 2 Players React to Knights’ Vision Hack Accusations

Several Dota 2 personalities including players have put forward their opinions and statements on the recent Dota 2 cheating controversy involving newly established Chinese team Knights. Knights recently found themselves in a spot of controversy after the team was accused of using vision hacks during its first three matches in Division I of the China Dota Pro Circuit (CN DPC) 2023:Winter Tour.

While tournament organizers Perfect World had already collected and submitted evidence to Valve for further investigations, Knights are currently still competing in the CN DPC while waiting for the results of the investigation.

Somnus’ & fy thinks that the team is being wrongfully accused while Sneyking thinks otherwise

Following the news of Knights’ accusation of using vision hacks during official matches in the CN DPC, many Dota 2 personalities including players have made their opinions known on social media.

Former Royal Never Give Up (RNG) midlaner Lu “Somnus” Yao recently reacted to the news on his livestream according to . While he stated he had zero experience when it comes to hacks, he noted that he refuses to believe that his former teammate Chong “FelixCiaoBa” Wei Lun is involved in the controversy as he felt that using hacks during an official tournament match is just plain ridiculous.

Vici Gaming’s Xu “fy” Linsen also gave his own thoughts on the controversy during his recent livestream by saying that he also doesn’t believe that the team, particularly FelixCiaoBa would resort to cheating in an official match. Additionally, he also noted that it would be an insult to other players in the region should they be found absolutely guilty.

However, one player that does not share the same opinions as the two other players is The International 2022 (TI11) champion & Tundra Esports’ captain Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun. Having reviewed a Chinese video explaining the cheating allegations surrounding Knights, Sneyking posted on Twitter saying that he felt that the evidence from the video “looks pretty damning”.

While Knights are under investigation following the controversy, the team is currently still eligible to compete in the CN DPC pending investigation results by Valve as they are expected to face Xtreme Gaming on 15th January.

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