Dragon’s Dogma 2 officially announced during 10th anniversary celebration

The long wait for a new Dragon’s Dogma game is finally over, with Capcom and series director Hideaki Itsuno announcing Dragon’s Dogma 2 is officially in development with a team helmed by Itsuno and series veterans Daigo Ikeno and Kenichi Suzuki.

Itsuno announced this news during the “10 Years of Dragon’s Dogma” anniversary stream, where the team behind the game talked about the 2013 title’s history and development during a strange period in Capcom’s history. 

We didn’t get much information about the game itself, but Itsuno did sound excited about the ongoing work for the sequel if the reveal with a team jacket removal was anything to go by. 

“Sorry to have kept you waiting,” Itsuno said. “Dragon’s Dogma 2 is currently in development! Everyone in the development team is hard at work creating a game that we hope you will enjoy! Please look forward to it!”

According to additional information provided by Capcom, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is being developed in the studio’s RE Engine.

We didn’t get a release window or any actual footage for the sequel title, but confirmation it is in development was enough to get fans excited after getting very little news out of the franchise since the game released its expanded Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on Switch in 2019 and the Netflix animated series aired in 2020. 

We will likely see more Dragon’s Dogma 2 information next year once Capcom clears its current slate of titles coming out like Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil 4.

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