Dragon’s Dogma has hit its highest player count in 6 years, following sequel news and discount

Dragon’s Dogma achieved its highest concurrent player count in over six years over the weekend.

According to Steam DB (as spotted by Benji-Sales), the game, which was first released in January 2016, hit a peak concurrent player count of 6,582 on Sunday, a number which it has only ever surpassed during the release month of the game.

This number is similar to that of recent releases such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, which managed 6,599 concurrent players on Steam during the same 24-hour period.

At the time of publishing, Dragon’s Dogma is just inside of Steam’s top 50 trending games for sales and pre-orders, above the likes of Day Z, Hunt: Showdown and Sea of Thieves.

10 Years of Dragon’s Dogma

The re-emergence of Dragon’s Dogma is likely due to the recent announcement of the game’s long-awaited sequel, and a deeply discounted sale price. The game is currently available for $4.79 / £3.83, an 84% discount.

Capcom finally confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is in development last week.

During a live stream celebrating the game’s 10th anniversary, director Hideaki Itsuno said: “Everyone in the development team is hard at work creating a game that we hope you will enjoy! Please look forward to it!”

No game details were revealed during the stream. In a follow-up statement, Capcom said that Dragon’s Dogma 2 “will begin the cycle anew,” and confirmed that the sequel is being developed using its RE Engine.

References to Dragon’s Dogma 2 were included in both a Capcom data breach in November 2020 and an Nvidia Geforce Now leak in September 2021.