Dying Light 3 Gameplay Change Teased by Techland

The success of Dying Light and Dying Light 2 means Dying Light 3 is inevitable. That said, and as you would expect, Polish developer Techland isn’t confirming that it’s going to pivot to Dying Light 3 now that Dying Light 2 is out, if it hasn’t already. What’s a more pertinent question is whether the third game in the series will be a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S game or release at the start of the next console generation. Seven years separated the release of the first game and its sequel, so the latter is certainly a possibility.  All of that said, while Techland hasn’t confirmed that Dying Light 3 is coming next, it did recently talk about it as a possibility. 

To this end, the game’s lead designer, Tymon Smektala, noted that when and if a third game happens that he — and presumably the rest of the team — want to give the player more abilities and skills to use and expand the number of playstyles.

“One thing is that if we’re making Dying Light 3, then I would like the main character to start with bigger and better starting abilities and skills,” said Smektala while speaking to VGC. “We have used basically the same approach in [Dying Light 2] that we used in the first game, where the player was starting quite weak and then developing further. We did something very different in the second one and actually this is something I would like to have corrected when I look at Dying Light 2 from the perspective of three months after the release. So I think in the third game, if it happens, that the character will start with more powers, more skills, more abilities as his basic skill set.”

As you can see, there’s no definitive commitment to Dying Light 3, but it sounds like, at the very least, a third game and how to improve on the second title is on the minds of Techland. As always, leave a comment or let me know what you think via @Tyler_Fischer_ over on Twitter. Should Techland make a third Dying Light game? If so, what improvements would you want to see from it?

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