EA Sports’ college football game reportedly gets a release date

Gamers rejoice and buckle the chin straps because after a year or so of teasing there is a date for the return of EA Sports’ college football game.

We first got the news that the game — formerly called NCAA Football — was slated to return back in February of 2021, but multiple reports Friday say that EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Corporation have now informed schools the new college football offering is slated for a July 2023 release.

NCAA Football’s final game was produced in 2013, and production was stopped due to a lawsuit over compensation for the use of player likenesses in the series. According to reports, EA is now hoping that the new NIL rules will allow them to possibly use players in the game. Also, thus far, more than 120 teams are supposedly on board to be included in the game.

This is all welcomed news for gamers.

“Madden” is the big name in the football video-game world, but “NCAA Football” was routinely a classic that offered an alternative that included different types of offenses and defenses, and sometimes smoother gameplay, than the famous NFL game.

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