Earthquake in the video game industry: Amazon would buy Electronics Arts

It is a matter of hours, but the truth is that everything points to the purchase of Electronic Arts by Amazon is imminent. There is no doubt that everyone pointed to it being sold to PlayStation, Xbox or a similar company. But, what no one could have expected is that the great online shopping platform would arrive to bet fully on the world of video games. What is clear is that it is quite an earthquake.

The video game industry knows it, even with this information, EA shares on the stock exchange (Electronic Arts), they have not stopped rising in the last hours. And it is that, if true, as it can be confirmed in the next few hours, Amazon will fully consolidate in this industry, in fact, it would become a fundamental actor.

The historical purchase of EA

Although the sale of EA is not something new, since we have been hearing all kinds of rumors for months, the truth is that Amazon has run as the most established candidate to take over the video game company. But, as we told you at the beginning, not confirmed yet.

As soon as 2022 began, we learned that the American medium giant, Comcast NBCUniversal, already tried to take EA. Although, finally the negotiations did not lead to anything. So, from there, other candidates decided to go for the company, as was the case with Disney or Apple.

Although, for now, we can only wait to see what happens and, finally, the news that has given is confirmed. But, what is also clear is that we are dealing with a most reliable source, since from this news EA’s stock price soared 18.20%. And all this hours before trading began on Wall Street. In any case, we will update as we get more information or if it is confirmed in the next few hours.

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