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eFootball 2022 has had what can only be described as an extremely rocky launch. After releasing in September with missing features and a plethora of bugs, the game’s full launch was delayed until this spring. One of the features missing from that full launch was a career mode, and Konami has now finally announced when players can expect it to arrive. The bad news is that not only will it not arrive until more than a year after the game launched, but it will also be premium DLC content.

eFootball 2022 Is getting Master League mode

eFootball’s career mode, otherwise known as Master League, will be arriving in eFootball 2022. The catch is it will be some point in 2023 when it is released, meaning the earliest it will appear is 15 months after the game’s release. It will also be one of the features players will need to pay extra to get. The other is extra teams to be used in leagues and club teams, although these will arrive at an earlier date towards the end of this year.

There will be some additional free content to come, although we won’t see any of it until this summer. The good news is that it includes online play with friends as Lobby Match will allow players to create rooms online and play matches between teams created in Dream Team. This is the only feature to be appearing in the summer, although it will be followed by “some editing functions” and cross-platform play in winter 2022.  Players will still be disappointed to see there is no sign of Team Play or a Co-op mode anywhere. Konami has promised these will be available in the future, but most will likely consider it too little too late.

In other news, a PS5 version of Biomutant is expected to arrive soon after the game made an appearance on the PSN backend. Elsewhere, Assassin’s Creed Origins will be getting its 60fps patch on PS5 on June 2.

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