Elden Ring, other non-Xbox Game Pass titles might hit Cloud Gaming soon

What you need to know

  • A new Elden Ring listing on the Xbox website features a (non-functional) Xbox Cloud Gaming play button, suggesting that it, as well as other non-Game Pass titles, will be available to play with Xbox Cloud Gaming soon.
  • We originally revealed Microsoft’s plans to expand the Xbox Cloud Gaming library to include non-Game Pass titles permanently purchased by players, with Microsoft confirming these plans in June 2022.
  • Microsoft originally announced that the expansion would come later this year, with this listing indicating that it might arrive very soon.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is an awesome platform that allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to play tons of incredible games on mobile devices, Windows PCs, and Mac computers using Microsoft’s cloud streaming services. However, one of its current downsides is that you can only play games that are available on the Xbox Game Pass library. This means that players aren’t able to enjoy non-Game Pass games they’ve purchased permanently while using the cloud. However, that may be changing soon.

Recently, Xbox content creator @Klobrille noticed an Elden Ring listing on Microsoft’s Xbox website (opens in new tab) that features an Xbox Cloud Gaming play button, presumably allowing fans to play the game using the service. The button doesn’t actually launch the game — it simply times out over and over again — but the fact that this page exists suggests that Microsoft may finally be preparing to officially bring Elden Ring and other non-Xbox Game Pass games to Cloud Gaming soon. Some users have also reported receiving advertisements for Elden Ring on Cloud Gaming while visiting the Microsoft Store, giving further credence to this theory.

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