Elden Ring Player Discovers Huge Secret About One Character

A secret about one Elden Ring character, in particular, has seemingly been revealed, courtesy of a new YouTube video. The secret character involves Godrick the Grafted, the game’s first boss and the ruler of the Limgrave who resides in the Stormveil Castle. There are two heirs to this throne in the lore: Kenneth Haight and Nepheli Loux, the latter being the daughter of First Elden Lord Godfrey. You may know her as Horah Loux, one of the final bosses in the game. In the game, these are the only two suspected heirs, but it looks like there was a third heir at some point during development.

Cut content is a very common thing in game development. Any AAA production doesn’t just have cut content, but usually lots of it. And content gets cut for various reasons. To this end, it looks like FromSoftware was planning on making Gatekeeper Gostoc the third heir, as the character has dialogue where he claims to be Godrick’s son. Whether this claim is true or not, we’ll never know.

As for the discovery, it was made by Zullie the Witch after digging through the game’s files. Below, you can watch a video that features the discovery and some speculation based around it.

“The emergence of a royal bastard and competing lineages from among different, or even the same, noble bloodlines is quintessential George R.R. Martin influence,” says the YouTuber of the situation. “Whether GRRM penned Gostoc himself, or FromSoftware was just aiming to follow the tone he typically sets in his writing, he wouldn’t be out of place in any given book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. However, given what we see from Gostoc’s behavior prior to defeating Godrick, it also wouldn’t be out of place for him to be simply lying, or deluded about his own heritage. Which character to give the crown to could’ve been quite the conundrum.”

Elden Ring is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on 2022’s most popular and highest-rated game, click here.

“If FromSoftware’s past games are considered individual successes, Elden Ring feels like the developer’s ‘Greatest Hits’ collection,” reads the opening of our review of the game. “It plays like a culmination of every smart idea FromSoftware has had throughout its grueling games while still finding ways to build on the opaque experience the studio’s crafted over the years. The half-jokes referring to it as “Dark Souls 4″ weren’t far off, but it manages to be much more than that, too.”

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